What’s Up With Bill Barr?

On Tuesday, December 1, Attorney General extraordinaire, Bill Barr announced that the Justice Department found no evidence of widespread voter fraud nor did they find anything that would change the outcome of Trump’s election loss.

Considering the mountains Barr has moved to protect the squatter in chief, this announcement is enough to raise an eyebrow, just one because ultimately we all know criminals are their own top priority.

Bill Barr’s resume of refuge includes single-handedly undermining Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, arguably the most highly anticipated prosecutorial document in decades. Barr rendered the report on the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election irrelevant.


With great power came great corruption in the case of Barr who also concluded: the evidence gathered by the special counsel was “not sufficient to establish that the President committed an obstruction-of-justice offense.”

The document was damning, but Barr’s handling destroyed its value. He restrained the duration and depth of Mueller’s investigation. On March 22, 2019, Robert Mueller concluded his work and passed on the confidential report to Attorney General Barr who announced that the investigation “did not establish” a conspiracy by members of Trump’s campaign to conspire with Russia. Barr lied.

Not only did Barr lie, but he also withheld the report for a month. That was enough time for the general public and mainstream media to lose interest. When he did release the report it was so heavily redacted, it was indecipherable. Barr went further by refusing Congress an un-redacted copy. It wasn’t until a reporter for Buzzfeed News filed a request for the un-redacted material through the freedom of information act that a trickle of truth has been released. Unfortunately, people have lost interest. Barr’s tactic worked.

Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation resulted in the indictments of 37 individuals as well as seven criminal convictions, however many were either dismissed by Barr or pardoned by Trump. He did however succeed in passing on several leads to applicable states where investigations are underway.

Mueller also investigated Trump’s repeated obstruction of justice including the restrictions and limitations he put on witnesses that kept them from testifying. That obstruction alone could result in Trump’s indictment, but Barr said that Mueller declined to make a judgment as to whether Trump obstructed justice, leaving the decision to him. Barr lied.


With friends like Barr who needs to pay for legal counsel? Not only did he help Trump evade the consequences of the Mueller report, but he also put the kibosh on the pedo-pimp to the rich and famous Jeffrey Epstein, who had enough information to destroy Trump and who knows how many others. Epstein was allegedly suicided while on Barr’s watch.

Barr buried a whistleblower complaint, hiding it from Congress. He also assisted Trump in pressuring Ukraine to do his bidding, an act that ultimately resulted in Trump’s impeachment.

The Attorney General of the United States’ primary focus is to work on behalf of taxpayers; Barr has repeatedly acted as Trump’s personal attorney. That was until the judicial branch of government began stepping up.

District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan refused Barr’s request to dismiss prosecution of retired three-star general Michael Flynn, who admitted to lying to the FBI in 2017 about his contacts with Russia’s ambassador to the United States. Barr said the FBI had no valid basis to question Flynn, so any lies he told were irrelevant to the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Read that again- Barr said it’s okay to lie to the FBI if the question pertains to a subject every U.S. intelligence agency deemed relevant.


Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled that Barr could not represent Trump in the E. Jean Carroll rape case— weird that it’s not Barr’s job to keep Trump’s DNA vaulted with his tax returns.

But why is Barr is unwilling to tamper with 2020 election results? What could have led to his change of heart?

Maybe it was that Barr’s loss in a power struggle with Chief Judge Howel, over the dismissal of Michael Flynn’s case based on Trump’s pardon, resulted in the release of legal documents by the good judge that have disclosed a long-term bribery-for-pardon investigation.

Apparently, Barr has gone as far as he’s willing to go. When the act of subverting democracy to extend Trump’s reign presented itself, Barr bowed out. Where is the loyalty among these thieves whose standing is so fragile among America’s antagonists? Barr has relocated and now resides under the Trump bus.

The battle lines have been redrawn.


Like Susan Collins, I am concerned. I worry about who will protect Trump now and how he will get taxpayers to foot the bill. Is Giuliani among those named in the bribery-for-pardon documents? Maybe, as Borat suggested, Rudy won’t hesitate to reach into his legal briefs and whip out his subpenis. Nobody wants to see that.

6 thoughts on “What’s Up With Bill Barr?

  1. Nobody does want to see that.
    My suspicion is that the dark money of the R party has decided to stop backing the Difficult Toddler, and Barr actually takes his orders from them…as does Moscow Mitch, although I think MM has more than one master, including hostile foreign powers that are lining his pockets to weaken and destroy America.

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    1. The following quotes are from a Reuters story:
      “A Justice Department official said no government official is or was a target of the investigation.”
      “The Justice Department had to ask Howell’s permission to view certain emails between a lawyer and clients, who were not identified.”

      (The link is attached.)

      For what it’s worth, my interpretation is that the DOJ is only interested in damage control.



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