Comedy, Tragedy, Truth in Advertising

This ad covers everything I was going to say today.

We’ll talk tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “Comedy, Tragedy, Truth in Advertising

    1. I had to go back to look at the video because I’ve never heard of “Epoch Times. ”I think the group that made the video is called “Juice Media” and Epoch is an ad. It’s hard to tell, and I could be wrong. Now I’m curious about it. Time to google. 🧐☺️

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      1. This is where I get news about tensions escalating on South China Sea…. Australia, Japan, US, and other countries have deployed aircraft carriers over there to prevent China from taking over Japan, Philippines, vietnam, Indonesian territories. It’s not being reported. Even India-China borde disputes where 35 Chinese and 20 Indians died. China also wants to grab the Himalayas and Mt. Everest. Check out WION/Gravitas while you’re at it. Nothing is being reposted on networks here in the US. Meanwhile, WW3 is most likely to start o South China Sea.

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      2. Wow, thank you. I will. I haven’t read about any of that. Trump has taken too much of my time. The American press is inundated with domestic turmoil, but they should be reporting this too.
        The world is not in a good place.

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      3. Less than a year ago, a Chinese vessel rammed a small Filipino fishing vessel, the Chinese vessel just left the fishermen to drown, .. a Vietnamese fishing boat saved them, but last month, another Chinese vessel rammed a filipino fishing boat… 14 Filipinos died… and the Filipinos were in Philippine terrotory…. the Chinese did it to Vietnam and Indonesian… Last week, 216 Chinese vessels were seen in the vicinity of Galapagos Island… 2017, Chinese fishing vessels actually took so many tonnes of marine life at the Galapagos Islands, Last year, Chinese fishing vessels vaccumed West Philippine Sea of giat clams, then a another was caught with more than300 turtles , most of the turtles were more than 100 years old…. off Turtle Island ( Apo Island) , a Philippine protected marine sanctuary. It is known that China is also eyeing Tabuttaha Reef in the Philippines, World Heritage’s most protected site in the world. The Philippies and Indonesia have recently signed an agreement to patrol that area. If the Chinese can go as far as Galapagos Islands in Central America, they can go and destroy marine life in the Philippines… Google Tabuttaha Reef and Palawan Islands in the Philippines. These are Philippine territories China wants to grab.

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