Wear a Mask

“Biden and Obama stopped their testing…I’m sure you don’t want to report it” ~#FauxtyFive

Those were Trump’s words during what was supposed to be an update on C19. He blamed the previous administration for ending testing on a virus that didn’t exist at the time. Are we really so numb to his stupidity that this isn’t newsworthy? So what, his dates are always a little but off. Who can forget his retelling of the war of 1775 when our country took over Laguardia airport? And he often draws a comparison of C19 to the Spanish flu of 1917 1918, 1918, 1918, got it. It killed his pimp grandfather, you would think he’d remember that one.

Fractions are hard.

There are so many numbers, how can Stable-G be expected to keep track? He dodged the draft five times filed bankruptcy six times, acknowledges five spawn born of three wives, has been accused of sexual assault in varying degrees by 25 women, paid a porn star $130,000 for two minutes of her time.

Hair Trump can’t stop his biggest numerical threat, C19 testing, and despite his persistent lies, he can’t control the resultant numbers—unless—he intercepts hospital tallies, which he has done. Hospitals no longer report to the Center for Disease Control. As of Wednesday, their information goes right into Trump’s pocket. He wants to cover up the truth because transparency makes his ass look fat. Soon the public will be told the all-mighty Trump conquered the pandemic, and 33% of America will believe it.

Researchers and health officials will no longer have C.D.C. data to work with. This is the stuff of dictatorship. American totalitarianism enabled by a pro-life fraction of the population. They Americans who believe this virus that has killed 138,000 Americans isn’t real or isn’t as deadly as Democrats say.

Governor Cuomo really has lead New York out of the pits of Hell. Four days ago the state reported zero C19 related deaths. That is a testament to what can be done with good leadership.


The same results have been reported in places like New Zealand, Canada, and many countries in Europe. Their citizens follow World Health Organization guidelines.

Why won’t Americans wear masks? Wearing a mask is the least a person can do, the very least. There are different styles, so you can find one that doesn’t make it hard to breathe. You can use a bandana. Trump turned his inept response the pandemic into a divisive political tool.

Utah parents planning to send their children back to school in the fall packed themselves into a room, almost none of them wearing masks, to argue against the mask requirement school officials are planning to impose when schools open. Officials canceled the meeting immediately because of the absence of masks. Several people stayed behind to shout Trump phrases like “COVID is a hoax. It’s a lie. It’s a political stunt,” etc. Someone argued that wearing a mask will chemically alter their children’s brains. Seriously. Someone else yelled that masks will make their children afraid. If only these people felt as strongly about assault rifles and active shooter drills.

This is proof that despite Trump’s profound stupidity, he has an audience whose heads are so far up their asses that they have re-emerged through their shoulders, so they can put MAGA caps on them. At least it helps us know who they are.

Speaking of which, Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia has reversed mandates throughout the state that made masks mandatory. Why would he do that? What could be easier than wearing a mask?

Florida has another genius at the helm in Ron Desantis. In an effort to coax parents to send their children back to school, he has canceled all funding for online learning. This despite his state’s daily record-breaking numbers of new infections. Rather than starve the virus of new victims, he continues to encourage it’s spread.

Teachers in Idaho, Texas, and several other states have been asked to prepare their wills before returning to school. Between the constant threat of mass shootings and this, I’d say this is not the job they signed up for.

Not real enough? A Texas city newspaper printed a 43-page obituary dedicated to C-19 deaths.

It’s almost as if Trump’s demand that schools open, and his threat to stop federally funding states that don’t comply (quid pro quo) is coming directly from the Kremlin. It certainly seems as if these politicians are trying to kill Americans. It’s as if Putin has put a bounty on our heads.

Russia wants this virus to spread, and we know they want to control any vaccine that is developed. The National Cyber Security Centre has published an advisory, warning that Russian intelligence services are working to undermine efforts to develop a C19 vaccine. Canada, the UK, and the US have been made aware of ongoing malicious activity linked to Russia. Putin must not expect Trump to win his re-election bid, because Trump would certainly give them any information they want.

There is a simple solution to all of this.

Wear a mask.







3 thoughts on “Wear a Mask

  1. Should be a no-brainer, but I guess you have to have some brains to figure it out… I personally love the fashion choices for masks – and getting compliments on them!

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