Trump is Not Fit for the Job He Stole

In the United States today:

  • Over 100,000 Americans are dead due to Covid-19, thanks to a leader who ignored warnings for 3 months.
  • Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was filmed by several bystanders, murdering George Floyd, grinding his knee into Floyd’s neck while he repeatedly cried “I can’t breathe.”
  • Demonstrators, including children, have taken to the streets in protest of Floyd’s murder, and are met by Minneapolis Police with tear gas bombs and shot with rubber bullets.
  • Heavily armed white men protested inside several statehouses, threatening the lives of democratic governors who issued lockdown orders due to the spread of Covid-19, and were met with no law enforcement response—none.
  • We have reached 25% unemployment— one in four Americans is now unemployed, thanks to tRump’s sabotage of any attempt to stop the spread of this pandemic.
  • But, our POTUS is taking action on…

    (Are you ready for this?)

  • Twitter for calling out his lies about voter registration.
  • Meanwhile:

  • Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is speaking out against Twitter for Fact-Checking Trump, while he himself is paid to spread targeted propaganda on Facebook for Trump.
  • tRump’s America is a shit hole country.

    5 thoughts on “Trump is Not Fit for the Job He Stole

    1. Do you feel as satisfied with a post mostly of photos and captions than if you ‘write’ out all you have to say? Just wondering.

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