McConnell’s Bill Fails

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, of Russtucky, called for a bill that would: “address the needs of individuals and families, and deliver relief to small businesses, stabilize the economy and prevent layoffs, and send resources to health care workers and providers.”

That’s what she he said. None of that was in the relief package he tried to pass.

“The legislation had many, many problems. At the top of the list, it included a large corporate bailout provision, with no protections for workers and virtually no oversight. It also significantly cut back on the money our hospitals, our cities, our states, our medical workers and so many others needed during this crisis.” ~Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer

Sadly for McConnell, after Senator Rand Paul of Russtucky tested positive for the “Democratic-hoax,” many Republican Senators went into self-imposed isolation. Mitt Romney, Mike Lee, Rick Scott, Lindsey Graham, and Cory Gardner joined Ted Cruz, (already quarantined,) to give the Democratic Party equality in the Senate. The vote was tallied at 47-47. It needed a 3/4 vote to pass. Incidentally, there are also several House members on self-quarantine. It merits mention that all these members of Congress are enjoying paid sick leave. Just five days ago, hoax-positive Senator Rand Paul was one of eight senators who voted nyet (no) to paid sick leave for American workers. Irony.

After Sunday’s vote, McConnell made these gaslighting remarks:

“Even if Democrats reverse course tomorrow, the vote the cast today will almost certain cause more Americans to lose their jobs.” 


The $1 trillion package, directed payments on a tiered scale based on the 2018 individual tax return, giving nothing to those with the least earnings.

Most of the $1 trillion were designated to be distributed to the same demographic that enjoyed the GOP tax scam, big corporations.

McConnell claims the partisan democrat’s vote will hurt struggling families, but those who earn less than $23,500 are ineligible for any part of the government payout. The package contains no protection for workers and no oversight on a big chunk of the distribution.

The same bill gives the industry a bailout: airlines, hotels, and even cruise ships not registered in the U.S. (so as to avoid paying U.S. taxes).

And this👇🏼

Reporter: “Will you commit publicly that no taxpayer money will go toward your own properties?”

Trump: “Everything’s changing, it’s all changing… everyone knew I was a rich person… let’s just see what happens.”

I’m not just doing my best Al Pacino impersonation – (And Justice for All,) when I say ‘something really wrong is going on here,’ with Mitch McConnell.

Because the beneficiaries of the tax scam pocketed their tax gift, they have no money set aside for these rainy days. They warn that they can’t stay in business long without your tax-dollar help. Why can’t they use their assets as collateral? One word- GREED.

More word salad by Covefe45:

“The medicines, and what I like to call, and people are calling, ‘therapies’ are things that can help, or maybe help, people who are ill, or not quite ill, but feeling a little better, or getting better, or before they even get sick in some cases…”

Democrats are not stonewalling as McConnell does; they didn’t just block the bill. They have written a bill that gives relief to those who need it.

Politics have become so predictably frustrating that I feel I’m repeating myself. How much longer before we can evict McConnell and Trump’s entourage?

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