GOP Solutions to Gun Violence

"May God bless the memory of those who perished in Toledo." ~Dotard prays for Toledo in the aftermath of the mass shooting in Dayton Drump denied responsibility for the part he plays by race bating, and inciting hatred and violence, in mass shootings. He wants the shootings to be an immigration reform issue, suggesting tying … Continue reading GOP Solutions to Gun Violence

Traitor Tot Gets a Subpoena

The Republican-controlled Senate Intelligence committee’s issuance of a subpoena to Don Jr, concerning the Russia investigation is significant, but how? Is it a signal that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s findings are having an impact on the corruption in the White House after all? Does it mean the Senate plans to take action against Don Jr … Continue reading Traitor Tot Gets a Subpoena

Rand Paul Has Voted Nyet Again… a limerick

Sen. Rand Paul has voted nyet again To congress seeing the report... when 84 percent Of those surveyed sent Word: release all Mueller wrote, it's plain ~ The irony here is, those who decide Whether or not Bill Barr should confide Are implicated So confiscate it We have laws by which they must abide ~ … Continue reading Rand Paul Has Voted Nyet Again… a limerick

Russian Television Offers Clarity

Russian State controlled television hosts regularly openly discuss Trump’s subservience to Putin. This week Evgeny Popov explained the recent “push” by the GOP for more severe sanctions against Russia as “an attempt to distance themselves from the perception", implying there is no serious consideration being given to sanctioning Russia. The bill is described by Sen. … Continue reading Russian Television Offers Clarity