Time to Consolidate the Candidates

Unlike Andrew Yang, I’m not mathy. That said, I see the logic in his words that more candidates need to “pull a Yang,” and drop out of the Democratic presidential primaries.

Yang, Harris, Swalwell, Castro, and Booker, are the most notable early exits, and their decisions were based on a shortage of campaign funds and a realistic assessment of their probability of winning.

At what point does one throw in the towel? Tom Steyer just qualified for tomorrow’s debate. I like Tom Steyer, but at this point, his chances are just a little better than mine at winning the nomination. He’s a billionaire, so the money doesn’t factor into his decision. But he’s not only spending his money, he also has donors, and at this point, it’s a colossal waste of funds.

Tulsi Who Is still in the race, but she is funded by Russia via MoneyLaundering.org 👈🏻(attempt at humor) so I give up on that hot mess.

Amy Klobuchar had a good debate that spiked her numbers for a minute, then she had an unfortunate (terrible) debate that erased her progress. When will she bow out?

This matters because as people drop out their supporters will redirect their choices and we might get a candidate who is the choice of a majority of the people.

Everyone has a right to run and to hang in until the bitter end, but at what point does their effort become ego-driven, causing more harm than the good, affecting the outcome of real free choice?

I’ll offer my argument in the most complex terms my math skills will allow- an early 6th-grade comprehension level explanation-

Candidate A has the loyal support of 30%, extremely loyal, but the other 60% 🤔 70% is a firm NO/NYET to candidate A.

That group of 70% is split among 5 other candidates, meaning A will win with 30%, because 70/5= 14% average. 👈🏻 v-thinky.

30>14 (I had to google this—twice.) 👈🏻 v-thinky 2

The least liked (most reviled) A will win, because B, C, D, E, and F are sharing the remaining supporters.

It’s time for more candidates to take one for the team. Can we get down to 4? How do we get down to two?

*Note to Yang: Your future in politics could only benefit if you start by running for a more entry-level office. You’re ahead of our times.



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