Trump Secures Election Insecurity as Primaries Pick up Speed

Three states have held their primaries so far. Based on those results we have concluded the winner of Democratic nomination has been selected. Would you leave a baseball game after the first inning because one team scored three times? There are 50 states.

Last week while Trump was flailing his arms and screaming incoherently, (holding a rally,) there was mischief underfoot. It was just another day in the dystopian world we find ourselves trapped in, but this was different, more sinister.

This week the media disclosed details of Russia’s latest election tampering tactics. It has been confirmed that they’ve been actively facilitating Bernie Sanders’s election, to make him the Democratic nominee. Word is that Sanders is Russia’s choice because they think Trump can beat him. They must be planning to release some damning information regarding the Vermont Senator prior to the general election.

Sanders was briefed on the matter month ago but said nothing. 🤔 A month ago is about the time he pulled ahead in the polls.

When this was reported Sanders lashed out at the media, not Russia, for interfering. This sounds familiar. I have other concerns about Bernie. I question his voting record against sanctioning Russia.

Someone should ask him about this, perhaps at this week’s debate, (2/25,) but I don’t believe his answer would be forthright.

*If Bernie is the Democratic nominee, he has my vote.

Moving on, as always, Trump killed the messenger. He fired the Director of National Intelligence, Joe Maguire, a former Navy Seal. Also terminated was his second in command. McGuire had followed procedures, briefing the House Intelligence Committee first. Trump no likee.

The dismissal of Mr. Maguire “is a virtual decapitation of the intelligence community.” ~Former CIA director, John Brennan

In his place, Trump installed a man accused of corruption, the same malfeasance that put Paul Manafort behind bars.

“As Americans, we should be frightened – deeply afraid for the future of the nation. When good men and women can’t speak the truth, when facts are inconvenient, when integrity and character no longer matter, when presidential ego and self-preservation are more important than national security – then there is nothing left to stop the triumph of evil.” ~ Retired navy admiral William McRaven

Trump replaced Maguire with one Richard Grenell, a man with no experience in the field of intelligence, a Trump loyalist who was a US ambassador to Germany, but who has also been accused of corruption for hobbies outside of that scope. “Only the best people.”

Grenell l also worked for an Eastern Europe oligarch, Moldovan politician, Vladimir Plahotniuc, who is now a fugitive, denied entry into the U.S. as per sanctions recently imposed by the State Department.

Grenell did not register his under the Foreign Agents Registration Act to disclose his work in the U.S. on behalf of a foreign politician. Rick Gates and Paul Manafort were indicted for similar FARA crimes.

Upon his placement in the intelligence leadership position, Grenell immediately installed his own people and demanded the classified intelligence that led to Maguire’s briefing to the House Intelligence Committee last week.

Trump has placed another criminal in a position that will give him access to U.S. intelligence and as such, is again endangering our national security.

So what? It’s just another day in this dystopian Trump world.

I will admit, I’m beginning to panic;, it feels like we’re on a runaway train, picking up speed. I don’t know the answer, but there are a few things we can do:

  • Turn out in record numbers to vote in the primaries and the general election for the candidate of our choice, not based on fear or manipulation.
  • Take friends and neighbors with you.
  • Volunteer to be a poll worker on Election Day. Watch for and report irregularities or suspicious activities.
  • Be discerning in what you read, by all means, my posts included. Take everything with a grain of salt, especially social media.

Let’s get off this train in one piece, or let’s have a tailgate party to Canada.

8 thoughts on “Trump Secures Election Insecurity as Primaries Pick up Speed

  1. I would like to make a suggestion. If sufficient people vote for their favorite of the moderate candidates (even if it is their second favorite overall) there is a much better chance for America moving into the future.

    The way the Difficult Toddler became the Republican candidate in the last election was that the less weird members of that party split their votes among a slew of candidates, to where the weirdest candidate won by unifying the far wrong. It seems clear that hostile foreign interests are using that same play book. It is also worthy of note that Mr. Sanders was a significant factor in not getting a moderate president elected last time. Even after the convention.

    Curbing the number of far left delegates and sending a significant number of moderate delegates to the convention is necessary if there is to be a different outcome.

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  2. It’s not just about Russia, it was the whole how he promised his medical records. Then only produced letters. The whole thing is starting to smell like Russia. Not only did the Russian thing come out, but there are now so many blue checked people on Twitter. Saying that if you don’t vote for Bernie, you’re just like a Trump supporter. All these condescending comments and remarks, like Trump supporters. But they think it’s everyone else in the wrong? I have had to unfollow so many people on Twitter, because, in what 48 hours? They all started to make the same sorts of comments. I don’t like being a conspiracy theorist, but it was very quickly REALLY weird.

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