Elizabeth Warren Was “Mean.” If Only She Had a Hanging Organ She Would Have Won the Debate

*Disclaimer: I will vote blue, no matter who.

Last night’s debate was worth every minute of my life, that I’ll never get back. The gloves came off and we saw candidates fighting for the life of their campaigns; it had to happen. I forgive them for giving Don the con the night off.

That said, opinions differed on the performances, and while I’d love to agree with this WP reporter if I did we’d both be wrong. 👇🏼

MSNBC contributor, and Washington Post “conservative opinion writer,” Jennifer Rubin thinks: “Mean and angry Warren is not a good look.”

Nevertheless, she persisted.

It’s interesting that the best word a writer for the Washington Post can come up with to describe Senator Elizabeth Warren is “mean.”

Bloomberg didn’t qualify for last week’s debate, So instead of debating his opponents, he spoke to Colbert on The Late Show. He used the same word Ms. Rubin used. He said Elizabeth Warren’s tax plan on the rich was “mean.” The word that conjures up images of the movie “Mean Girls,” and using it is a subtle way to diminish a strong woman.

Warren was on fire last night. She kicked ass and took names. If the press still omits her when covering polls, you can blame those in power who are threatened by her plans to hold banks and corporations accountable. They have the money and connections to direct the news.

If you don’t have time to watch the entire debate, watch this clip of just Warren’s performance last night:

Biden had a good night.

Buttigieg had some good moments speaking about Sanders and Bloomberg:

“We shouldn’t have to choose between one candidate who wants to burn this party down and another candidate who wants to buy this party out.” ~ Pete Buttigieg

But, he was determined to completely destroy Amy Klobuchar, whose defensive blocks weren’t effective.

Klobuchar’s responses to Pete’s attacks were ineffective:

“Are you saying I’m stupid?” And “I wish everyone was as perfect as you, Pete.”

I haven’t heard anyone call Pete mean.

NBC Moderator Chuckles Todd quoted Bernie Sanders’ claim that Billionaires should not exist, and asked:

“Mayor Bloomberg, should you exist?”

If that was a joke, it fell flat. If it was a sincere question, I want to know how he got his job, and I’d like to apply.

Bloomberg was attacked by everyone, not only for buying his way into the race. He had to answer for his stop and frisk policies, which he tried to justify by claiming to have ended the program after an epiphany that it had morphed into something bad and not, as Biden pointed out because President Obama forced his hand.

Warren nailed Bloomberg to the wall regarding his long record of misogynistic behavior. His response was to name some women who work for him and say “we have a very few nondisclosure agreements.”

Warren summed up that excuse as “he’s nice to some women.” His dismissal of questions about those numerous non-disclosure agreements didn’t leave me feelling warm and fuzzy.

Bloomberg says he’s working on releasing his taxes, but it will take a few weeks. FYI- The primaries will be over in a few weeks. Déjà vu?

And this, the worst possible justification for being a billionaire:

“I worked very hard for it”

Methinks his employees may have worked very hard too, but they did not get rich. Single mothers work very hard. Those who work two low wage jobs to cover their bills, for companies like Walmart and Amazon, “work very hard” but have nothing to show for it. And, unlike the CEO’s for those companies, who would claim they work very hard for their tax-free billions, their impoverished employees pay taxes. Exploitation is how most billionaires are made, and Bloomberg is not an exception.

Other notable comments last night:

  • “I believe in science.” ~ Senator Warren
  • Bloomberg implied that socialism is the same as communism. (Fear-monger much?)
  • Bernie Sanders blamed Russia for making his followers look like horrible people… maybe that’s part of it.
  • Why can’t we see Bernie’s medical records?

I bet Blumberg wishes he hadn’t qualified for the debate and just ran his ads on the commercials.

Here is a link to the full debate:

UPDATE- this is a perfect tweet. 😉👇🏼

What are your thoughts?

14 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren Was “Mean.” If Only She Had a Hanging Organ She Would Have Won the Debate

  1. Sorry, Lydia, to me she came across as a super politically correct woke who was strumming every woke them she could to get attention to her failing candidacy.

    Bernie is passionate but too much of an ideas man with his flailing arms and in my opinion would make a terrible President. I am still backing Michael B. as the best-placed candidate to whip lyin’ connivin’ showman Trump’s arse in December 2020, despite a relatively neutral debate (which will soon be forgotten about after Super Tuesday.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂 okay! Interesting and fair. We seem to have watched two different debates. I wanted to like Bloomberg, I did. Maybe he’s just not a strong debater. I love his commercials. Nevertheless, my first choice is Warren.


  2. If I were American (and I am thankful every day I am not…sorry…) I would be voting for Warren. Bloomberg is Trump in Democrat’s clothing, pure and simple. And as for the rest, well, I don’t want to be mean…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I wasn’t really thrilled by any of the candidates. They seemed like bickering grade schoolers. I blame the questions in large measure. It seemed to me like they were chosen to “get the gloves off”, not inform us about things like foreign policy experience. With a son who is on China I am very interested to see our Department of State rebuilt by someone who can connect dots and think a few moves ahead.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Bernie is an ideas guy only and will not carry the whole party. He’s popular with the youth … but that’s as far as it goes. If Bloomberg wants to increase tax on earners $50 m+ then that’s good with me.

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