Nancy Pelosi is My Hero

  • Nancy Pelosi is my hero, not a big sandwich, a fearless warrior. The free world considers Nancy Pelosi to be a hero, but they don’t have to contend with Fox News confusing people.
  • I have been informed, by my son, that I live in a liberal bubble. He says I would be considered a “liberal extremist.” Hmm, okay by me. I admit I prefer to spend my time with likeminded people who live by the golden rule.

    What golden rule? I suppose there is more than one.

    “Whoever has the gold makes the rules.”

    Although an accurate description of our government today, it is not the golden rule I was referring to.

    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

    That’s the one; it pertains to ethics, conscience, and right vs wrong.

    I had an alarming revelation yesterday. I was told that someone who I once considered intelligent, reasonable, and well informed, watched the State of the Union Address and, (despite the 15,000 fact-checked lies Trump has made as president,) commented with sincerity, “that sounds pretty good.”

    Are right and wrong are subjective? I have a migraine.

    My son may be right. I surround myself with those who are not blind to injustice. I have come to assume that everyone thinks as I do. My people (I’m Moses) don’t condone misogyny, racism, any kind of discrimination, they’re not the filthy rich, (not the same as rich,) nor are they small-minded in general.

    I’m not saying everyone has to agree with me on every subject to be my friend, but I am saying I will not engage in conversation with people who are not open to ethical reasoning and can not quote Shakespeare.

    I think we are in trouble.

    People still take Trump at his word. There are people who still don’t know that he has and continues to separate families at the border, and cages them. There is an information war underway, and truth seems to be losing the battle.

    The rest of the world is better informed about our political mess than most of America.

    By now you’ve heard that at the end of Trump’s speech, Nancy Pelosi tore up her copy of his lies. The outrage that Republicans directed at Madame Speaker’s act of defiance against our dicktator-in-Chief is what we have come to expect in our dystopian new world. They know it was within her legal right to destroy her copy of the said speech, still, they tried to file charges against her. It was bad theater performed to rally support.

    2014 Presidential and Federal Records Act amendment states that duplicate copies of records preserved only for convenience are not considered Federal Records.

    Ironically, Trump has ordered the National Archives and Records Administration to destroy federal records pertaining to crimes committed by ICE, and detention center employees, against detainees at the border, crimes that include the rape of children.

    Pelosi’s reason for tearing up the speech was sound. She wanted viewers to be aware that his words were not universally accepted. Those most susceptible to his rhetoric didn’t get the message.

    Tearing up his propaganda angered his base to the point that she is receiving more death threats than has become her new normal.

    Consider his speech:

    He promised to protect preexisting conditions, while currently fighting against them in court.

    He said Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Disability are all safe with him, but the opposite is true. He just made cuts to Social Security Disability and intends to cut all of the above if reelected.

    He said 700,000 fewer people are dependent on food stamps thanks to him. That is true, but not because he’s “lifted them out of poverty,” but because he kicked them out of the program. Those people will now go hungry, they’re not better off.

    Trump proposes to make more cuts to food stamps would affect:

    • 400,000 in Texas
    • 328,000 in Florida
    • 97,000 in Georgia
    • 165,000 in Michigan
    • 225,000 in Pennsylvania
    • 176,000 in Washington State
    • 118,000 in Wisconsin

    How many people affected by these cuts will vote for him out of ignorance? They won’t listen to the truth.

    Trump’s State of the Union Address happened to fall on

    • Black history month,
    • Rosa Parks Day: Parks was the civil rights activist who refused to surrender her seat to a white passenger on a segregated bus.
    • In the presence, 100-year-old Retired Brigadier General Charles McGee, of one of the last surviving Tuskegee Airmen: an all African-American pursuit squadron formed in Tuskegee, Alabama, in 1941, which included pilots, navigators, bombardiers, maintenance and support staff, and instructors.

    All that, and still, Donald Trump used the SOTU to award Rush Limbaugh, a vile white supremacist radio host, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. That was intentional.

    So yes, Nancy tore up his speech, upstaging him two years in a row.

    It was at last year’s State of the Union, you might remember when she wore his balls on a necklace and applauded him with shade. She is my hero— not a big sandwich, a fearless warrior.

    16 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi is My Hero

    1. The base now hate Nancy more than ever but she certainly knows how to get under Trump’s skin.
      Trump will need more than his base to win the next election and will make some cynical electoral moves to win over some independents.
      For the base this man can do no wrong – I see he has now fired Col. Vindman out of spite. He really is a gross individual.

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    2. You do not live in a bubble. You are a decent person with a moral compass. Trump, Trump supporters, and the GOP are not decent. They have an agenda … destroy democracy, rule of law, and promote dictatorship (rule of one). I have had 60 plus years living free and won’t be able to change to Trumplandia rules. Between Trump’s carnage, climate change, and the coronavirus making it to my 70th year (a few years down the road) will be challenging, it appears. We will hang in there Lydia. Freedom never was free. It must be forever defended and on my end always will be…to the end.

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    3. My disgust over this past week is deep. Every vote cast to not hear witnesses was a broken oath of office. Every vote to acquit was a vote against the flag (as a symbol of a sovereign nation) and our constitution. Ms. Pelosi is a worthy hero.

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      1. They were exposed for the traitors that they are, so something good came of it. It might make them easier to vote out now. I think that might’ve been part of Pelosi‘s plan. She had to know he’d get acquitted.

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        1. I am lacking optimism. I do wish the government would start to publicize how much money the vile first family is costing us. I listened to last night’s debate and I don’t know that any of them realize that what is needed is a “whether you like him or not we can’t afford him and his policies” campaign.
          I plan to wear black plus my grandma’s flag pin on Monday to mourn the death of honor in the presidency.

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    4. I was bug eyed watching this on television. It was a shameful (but predictable) pack of lies. The believers got a good workout standing and clapping to each and every lie. Nancy is a beacon in this sorry mess.

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      1. I think what is so shameful is that whole of the GOP – bar Mitt Romney – are completely supportive of the way Trump does business. John McCain would have had the character and the cohones to have stood up to him. As such, I think there are now more people who really see Trump for what he is, especailly after the sackings of Vindman – a purple star honoree – and Gordon Sonderland. These last two actions were big mistakes in my view.

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      2. Did you notice when Fred Gutenberg, a parent of one of the Parkland shooting victims, was escorted out because he shouted at Trump about his broken promises to change gun laws? Democrats gave him a standing ovation, and ABC reported it as Democrats gave Trump a standing ovation. 🙄


    5. My constant question is and will always be: How does he get away with it? That video is a riot. I so wish they could do that for real. Lies, you dumbass! All lies! Nancy is my hero, too. Not a big sandwich.

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