Why is Everyone Shocked at Mayor Pete’s Win?

Mayor Pete has had a significant lead- only in Iowa – since November.

It’s been gradually dropping, but his win should not be a surprise. This graph is from NOVEMBER. Below is a link to a New York Times article, which I read in November. Why is everyone shocked Pete won?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t trust the security of our elections but be aware that this is what Russian trolls did to convince Bernie supporters not to vote in 2016— one reason Trump is in office.

Divide and conquer. The trolls are out like crazy right now stirring dissension. Trump is doing it too:

Let me add, I’ve read that Trump would like Bernie to be the nominee because he thinks he can beat him. Whoever the nominee is should have the full support of the Democratic party, and beat Trump.


Democrats need to be unified if we want to take back our democracy.

👆🏼 This is scary. How stupid are we that we will let Trump win again? These numbers Yang-gang numbers, 42% said they would not vote for anybody but their guy.

That behavior will give Trump a win. Vote for your favorite in the primaries, but in the general election VOTE BLUE, no matter who.

And for now: stay informed, don’t get sucked into divisive arguments with the ill-informed, and double-check to make sure you are registered to vote.

8 thoughts on “Why is Everyone Shocked at Mayor Pete’s Win?

  1. I’ve always said I would vote Blue no matter who, though I’ve had second thoughts about Sanders since his heart attack. Let’s see who he chooses as his VP, if he wins the general. I hope he doesn’t ~ I really hope Pete or Yang wins. But we shall see!

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    1. Does Bernie’s heart really matter for the election? If Bernie ‘gets the ticket’ and you ‘vote blue’ and he drops dead….Trump/GOP still lost. That’s the point. Some people, like Lydia, are trying to get across to people who are still hemming-and-hawing, pulling at straws when the big picture is: it’s either going to be Trump/GOP for another four years or someone – anyone – else. Do I care which blue candidate it is? YES. Do I care who it is as opposed to Trump? NO.

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  2. I would like to see Pete in a debate with Trump. Pete is so well spoken on this feet, spur of the moment. No need for a teleprompter with this intelligent young man. Trump gets caught up in last word he hears and repeats it over and over….loops he can get break out of. dumb as they come too!

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