Democrats Face their Last Full Day of Control Over Impeachment Trial

Watch Adam Schiff’s closing statement, on night two of three in the Senate trial to remove 45.👇🏼

Adam Schiff could not be presenting the case to remove Donald Trump from office better. His compelling arguments this week left no doubt that American democracy is facing extinction.

Today is day three, the last day House Democrats have to sway the Senate to save us from the rogue criminal entity that has our nation in a chokehold.

We’ll hear evidence that led to the second article of impeachment against Trump, that of obstruction of Congress.

While it will be a summary of what we saw during the House impeachment inquiry, there will be added facts. Trump continues obstructing even now, threatening the senate jury, telling them how to vote, not to allow testimony from John Bolton, and asserting that he will block new evidence using executive privilege if it passes in a vote.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell who told us weeks ago that he would work in tandem with the White House with regards to these proceedings, despite signing an oath to act as an impartial juror, has told Republican Senators to vote against allowing new witnesses and documents.

Why? He says it would take too long to fight Trump.

Despite the observations of a handful of Democratic Senators, like moderate Democrat Amy Klobuchar, that since this impeachment trial began, two dozen or so Senate Republicans appear to be listening, taking notes, and they seem shocked at the information presented by House Democrats. They claim they had not previously paid attention to the allegations because they had been busy with other senate matters, and assumed this was nothing more than political infighting.

These naive observations offer an overly optimistic view of the dire consequences the Senate is about to unleash.

ABC News continues reporting on this- “Susan Collins has been seen sitting up and taking notes.” They continue to tell the public that she could vote either way. The truth is that she has been playing this game for three years, and the press reports her “deep thoughts” and “concern” over making the right decision every time. SHE ALWAYS VOTES WITH THE GOP. Can we stop giving her press time? Stop the bullshit? This is theater of the absurd.

The two dozen Republicans mentioned, do not include Rand Paul, who works crossword puzzles, draws, and makes paper airplanes, during testimony.

Susan Blackburn who somehow slips out of the chamber against rules to give Fox News interviews, and tweets disparaging remarks about witnesses.
Senator Burr with a fidget spinner promising to bring in more for his colleagues.

And Senator Lindsey Graham who periodically dons an invisibility cloak. The rules require Senators to remain at their seats for the entirety of the trial.

Will it be enough that Adam Schiff flawlessly presented the facts, proving that this Administration is beyond corrupt? They are dangerous. The problem is that he is preaching to a choir made up of paid off and blackmailed Republican Senators. The reason to subpoena witnesses and documents isn’t to prove Trump’s guilt, because that has been proven.

The information is needed to find out who else is involved, and many of those involved are sitting on the Senate jury. This is not a one-man show. The corruption in our government is widespread and of long duration.

It’s not really a stretch to believe that Trump’s biggest advocates have the most at stake. After three years of sycophantic panic, Nunes has been outed.

We know McConnell has direct ties to Oligarch money.

And what the hell does Vice President Mike Pence mean by this? He was caught on a hot mic talking to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “We are contending. He’s unstoppable, like someone else I know.”

Donald Trump told an audience of his donors that he intends to cut Social Security in his next term. He’s also going to gut healthcare.

Why don’t more people care? This will affect us all.

After today we will hear Trump’s team push Russian conspiracy theories and propaganda, and they’ll make him a victim of jealousy.

God help us.

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