A Very Vegan Thanksgiving

My table is never put to use

Payback I guess, there will be no truce

No Holiday schedule rotation

“Why’d I lose my turn to host the fun?”


My extended family voiced their fears:

“You’ve been left now out for many years,

Your prior hosting spawned misgivings

You butchered the joy of Thanksgiving


When a feast is planned, vegans make us sad

Tofurkey’s vile, and all you had.”

To share sentiments— I am hurt, aggrieved

Would be dishonest, (I feel— relieved!)


Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

10 thoughts on “A Very Vegan Thanksgiving

  1. Ah Lydia. How I feel for you, but truly in a good way. Much the same goes on here but I’m ok with that. Happy Thanksgiving to you with wishes for a kinder world for animals.


  2. I am so new at eating a plant-based diet that I caved in a little. I had just a taste of turkey and dressing, but had managed to buy a vegan dessert and had a variety of veggies at hand. I’ll do better at Christmas.

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  3. I like this poem… very much. I’m vegetarian, not vegan, but if I did celebrate such a dumb concept as an official thanksgiving, the outcome would be the same! I don’t understand why people believe they need to eat meat to eat well and to enjoy their meal.

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    1. Thank you! I agree. I think we’re conditioned at an early age to eat the way we do. I am happy to see more vegan options at grocery stores and restaurants. It’s a good sign that more people are making changes.

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