Matt Gaetz is an Idiot

It just occurred to me that I may have used this title before. But it is a new day, and for some people, that’s as good as it Gaetz.

Yesterday, the Traitor in Chief had a day, not unlike every other day he has had since his appropriation of the White House, in that all hell broke loose, but it was unusual in its details.

One such detail was in what is now said to have been a preplanned publicity stunt that IQ45 was in on, more than 20 House Republicans disrupted a classified, pushed past guards to enter a closed-door, initial interview of a potential witness who may be called on to testify when public impeachment hearings proceed.

This preliminary impeachment proceeding was held in a “SCIF,” sensitive compartmented information facility, a highly secured area where electronic devices are prohibited in order to protect the privacy of potential witnesses. Those over 20 Republicans, cellphones in hand, barged into the (SCIF) with feigned outrage at the “secrecy” of the proceedings.

The level of idiocy in their accusation is precise when understanding:

  1. Republicans are present and an active part of the three House committees leading the proceedings.
  2. Some of the 48 Republicans who were involved in the stunt are members of the committees.
  3. It is a procedure for the initial interviews to be private.

The stunt had consequences. The breach of protocol was in direct violation of procedures, and the cellphones compromised the security of the room.

*Here we see Gaetz in a tan suit. I thought they were frowned upon or was that only a rule for President Obama.

Matt Gaetz, who is not a member of the Intelligence Committee, and who is not in possession of intelligence, has demanded the right to review evidence. He’s not in a position to demand anything.

Said idiot has a habit of committing crimes via tweets. You may remember he threatened 45’s former attorney Michael Cohen via tweet. Well, Gaetz sent a tweet from the SCIF, and when he realized it was illegal, he said it was his staff who tweeted. Both tweets have been deleted, but the internet never forgets.

Representative Mark Walker is not so smart either. They both violated national security procedures.

In addition to confusing the public and angering the red-cap Klan, their action was meant to intimidate witnesses who were ordered by Don-the-Con not to testify.

Republicans know this process of vetting witnesses lasts about two weeks and is followed by public impeachment hearings. Still, they are attempting to garner public sympathy for their orange Jesus, by portraying him as a victim of an unfair impeachment process.

Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA) said Democrats we’re holding “a Soviet-style process.

That is funny. Here is a list of Republicans allowed into the hearings:

“We have a right as members of Congress to know what’s going on in there. None of this is classified information whatsoever.” ~Representative David Rouzer, (R-NC)

Representative Matt D(UI) Gaetz was removed from a similar proceeding last week and complained to the press about the secrecy of the proceedings. He didn’t get the publicity he was hoping for, so he staged the act with a larger cast.

Public perception may not have been altered in the way the Republicans had hoped. In this instance, the press has explained that these hearings include Republicans who are committed members, Chairman Adam Schiff has followed procedures, and they have reiterated that MATT GAETZ IS NOT A MEMBER OF THESE COMMITTEES.

What House Republicans did, on behalf of a doomed criminal, was to take part in obstructing Congress and witness intimidation.

This was all planned for a day when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was busy attending her brother’s funeral.

Some consequences would be nice.

Sign this petition to expel Gaetz from Congress:

10 thoughts on “Matt Gaetz is an Idiot

  1. Practicing to be really bad stand up comedians when they lose their seats and land on the seat of their pants?
    I like the line, “Matt Gaetz, who is not a member of the Intelligence Committee, and who is not in possession of intelligence…” That can be taken two ways, one, he has no “intelligence” i.e., information to offer or two, he possesses no personal intelligence as in fused brain cells. I’ll take the latter.

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  2. Telling me Gaetz isn’t a member of the Intelligence Committee is like telling me a sausage isn’t a member of the Vegetable group. Intelligence has never been even remotely close to Gaetz.

    Liked by 1 person

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