What More Could Captain Chaos Possibly Do?

That has to be it, right? What more could he possibly do?

Well, perhaps the Mango Mussolini could lift asbestos regulations and give Russia an exclusive contract to sell that known cancer-causing agent to the US— Oh, he did that.

That $20k you or your parents shelled out to have asbestos removed from your family home was for naught, because when Fullofshiticus and his Environmental Protection Agency, shot fuel-efficiency standards, clean water rules, and air pollution safeguards, all to Hell, they were just getting warmed up.

Do you remember those leaking oil pipelines they buried under the earth, the ones that have polluted water indigenous people fought to protect? Now those pipelines can be made wrapped in Russian asbestos, a known carcinogen.

Asbestos can also be used to make products like adhesive, sealants, roof and non-roof coatings, roofing felt, a variety of tapes, filler for acetylene cylinders, high-grade electrical paper, millboard, missile liner, reinforced plastics, separators in fuel cells and batteries, vinyl-asbestos floors and any other building material (with the exception of cement), etc, and they can create new products.

Any construction company, investor, or business owner, looking to save a dime can do so by using these toxic materials. Will homebuyers be made aware that they’re buying a homemade using components that contain the cancer-causing agent? Not if the Angry Creamsicle can help it.

That must be it, right? What more could he possibly do?

Trump Paves Way for Russia to Be Sole Asbestos Supplier to U.S.

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