Win at All Costs

Win-at-all-costs— has been the driving force mentality for North Carolina Republicans and Republicans across the country for years. Their modus operandi has been: to change votes with rigged voting machines, to allow propaganda and other interference from foreign governments, outright theft of votes, and gerrymandered district borders designed to disperse the votes of democrats, giving republicans an unfair advantage, as seen below.

Republicans are the minority, yet they hold congressional power federally and in many states like North Carolina. Without republican gerrymandered district borders they would hardly have a presence because they are the minority.

September 10th’s special election was held to correct a wrong caused by the rampant voter fraud of 2018 GOP House candidate for North Carolina’s district 9 Mark Harris who won by a margin of only 905 votes, far fewer votes than his consulting firm destroyed in democratic majority areas. Harris was caught with the loot, and retired from politics. He should have been indicted for disenfranchising so many people; that’s my opinion.

What I find unfathomable is that after North Carolina’s GOP win at all costs tactics were exposed, and re-election was held, with a new Republican candidate, only 35% of the population in District 9 bothered to vote. There are far more democrats in district nine than there are Republicans, but more Republicans showed up. The Republican was given the seat.

How is anything going to change if we don’t vote?

Moving on to yesterday, September 11, the North Carolina GOP was back in action. Democratic lawmakers received assurance that no voting would take place until late afternoon so that the members could attend a 9/11 memorial service. Republicans didn’t go to the service, and when they realized very few democrats were in the room, they decided to hold a vote on a proposed budget by Democrats that included: Medicare expansion, teacher raises, removing corporate tax cuts, and more. Those Democrats who were in the room voiced their outrage, trying to stop the vote, but their microphones were turned off.

North Carolina Republicans successfully voted down the proposed budget. They voted against Medicare expansion; teacher raises higher corporate taxes, etc. When democrats returned from the memorial, a shouting match ensued.

Republican House Speaker Tim Moore responded— “I’ve made it clear, I’ve said right here from where I am on the floor, everywhere, if I see an opportunity to override this budget, this veto, I was going to take that vote…”

There are no ethical standards among these republicans. They succeeded through deception. They vote on behalf of a minority of wealthy constituents, their benefactors, and they have lost all credibility as a result.

The budget vote will move to the GOP-majority Senate, and then on to the Republican-controlled appeals court, and finally, end at the Democratic-majority state Supreme Court.

The last time I checked, we were still a democratic society. A majority is supposed to rule this government, but that has not been the case in recent years. The rich hold all the power. With that political power, they have purchased a tax system rigged for the wealthy and pursued cutting social services for everyone else. The widening wealth gap across the country is proof.

We have to do better. We all have to vote. We need to bring everyone we can to the polls with us. Report any irregularities and take pictures. If you’re voting on a touchscreen machine, check your ballot for ”glitches” or any changes made by the machine before you enter it.

We have to fight back.

North Carolina Republicans’ audacious power play, explained

‘Shame on you’: North Carolina GOP votes to override veto while Democrats were absent

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