Apathy Gives GOP the Win in North Carolina District 9

North Carolina District 09 has been a republican stronghold since 1963. DT won the district in 2016 by a margin of 12 points. Nothing to see here, right?

The most-watched special election for a seat in Congress that I can remember was held yesterday, in the heavily *gerrymandered state of North Carolina, district nine.

*☝️🏼This is what gerrymandered borders look like. The GOP draws district lines based on voters, to their best advantage. They can not win without cheating.

The reason this election was necessary is that in 2018, Republican candidate Mark Harris, who won that election by a margin of 905 votes, was found to have committed widespread election fraud.

Gerrymandered borders were not enough of an advantage for the candidate. Harris had many tactics, one of which involved a consulting firm that hired people to go door to door, in heavily democratic neighborhoods, offering to collect absentee ballots. The ballots they took possession of were never counted. Harris’ son testified against his father, saying he knew about the planned efforts to disenfranchise primarily black voters. Harris has since “retired.”

Here we are, almost one year later, September 10, 2019, a new election held, this time between Republican Dan Bishop, and the same Democrat Dan McCready, who should have won in 2018.

It was disinformation politics as usual by the GOP, painting moderate democratic candidate Dan McCready, a former US Marine Corp Captain and solar panel entrepreneur, as a “socialist.” The White House Squatter in Chief flew into North Carolina on Monday to round up votes on Bishop’s behalf. Of course, he is taking credit for Bishop’s win.

The results of last nights count give the win to the Republican Dan (bathroom-bill) Bishop, by a narrow margin of about 4,000 votes.

This is disheartening, not because of the loss, but because- of the 539,918 registered voters in #NC09, only 188,977 could be bothered to vote.

Only 35% of those registered voted.

Of the 201,083 Registered Democrats in North Carolina’s District 9, only 92,144 voted— 46%.

Of the 161,600 Registered Republicans, 96,081 voted— 59%.

Had 59% of Democrats voted, Dan McCready would have won.

It’s time to institute fines to eligible voters who will not put forth the effort to exercise the most simple of civic duties— voting.

Republican Dan Bishop wins narrow victory in N.C. special election

North Carolina orders new 9th District election, throws out Harris-McCready results – The Washington Post

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