Epstein Never Stopped Preying on Girls and Young Women

Old news, we all knew this, but let’s review:

Ten years ago when Jeffrey Epstein should have received a life sentence for his repeated sex-crimes against young girls, he was given a plea deal by Alex Acosta who was then U.S. States Attorney in Miami. The deal included exoneration for any others (who?) involved in his sex trafficking enterprise, and all evidence and documents pertaining to the case were sealed. None of the victims were informed of the conditions of Epstein’s plea deal— which is illegal.

The deal let Epstein off, he had to plead guilty to one charge of soliciting prostitution, and serve an 18-month jail sentence.

He was not in a standard jail cell, and he did not serve what any reasonable person would consider a jail sentence. He was allowed to leave 12 hours a day to ”conduct business,” followed by guards who regularly lost track of him. During his time in jail, he often flew to New York and his private Caribbean island. He abused girls there, and in his Palm Beach home when he was ”doing time.” He was released after 12 months for good behavior.

Now that we’re all caught up, I’d like to share my opinion regarding the contents of this headline: ”Epstein preyed on women during jail sentence, forced victim to marry… ”

Every woman abused by sex-trafficking pedophile Jeffry Epstein, after he made his plea deal in Florida, should not only sue his estate, they should Alex Acosta for damages resulting from the conspiracy that he took part in, and the Palm Beach Sherriff’s office for negligence. Acosta deserves to lose everything because Epstein shouldn’t have been free to assault again.

Epstein preyed on women during jail sentence, forced victim to marry woman, lawsuits allege

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