An Eternal President

Don the Con has added a new line to his rally routine.

Since retweeting a video in June, he has added a ”joke” about calling off the 2020 election and serving not only a second term but a third term.

It’s not a joke. This fiend does not joke. Fascist regimes do not end with free and fair democratic elections.

Secretary of State Bill Barr and Senate Majority leader, Moscow Mitch McConnell, have kept this lifelong criminal safe from accountability.

Barr threw sand on the Mueller report, what should have been a fire blast for the traitor in chief, and his recent accomplishment has been separating his client from association with sex trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein.

Moscow Mitch is saving himself and his thin-skinned leader by keeping our elections as hackable as possible. A free and fair election would end both of them.

The inconceivable idea that a sitting president can not be indicted despite blatant criminality is not based on the Constitution, or law, or court orders, or statutes. One man wrote a memo in 1973, Robert G. Dixon, Jr. Assistant Attorney General of £ice of Legal Counsel, titled: “Amenability of the President, Vice President, and other Civil Officers to Federal Criminal Prosecution while in Office.” It was never debated or voted on.

The memo is an opinion that suits the current OLC, the Office of Legal Counsel, a unit within of the Department of Justice, which is headed by Bill Barr.

That memo allows a political position, stolen with the aid of a foreign adversary no less, to shield a sitting president from previous crimes but also it protects him from recourse for current and future crimes as long as he stays president. As per this memo, a president is untouchable. Theoretically, he could murder all his political opponents, as Putin does. 45 believes he can ignore the constitution because he has been allowed to do so. His ”joke” to end term limits and be president forever, like Putin, is not a joke. He is planting the seed in your mind.

Who thought tyranny could never exist here?

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5 thoughts on “An Eternal President

  1. I have been concerned for some time about the weakness of our rule of law. The news as entertainment crowd has greatly weakened the press, which was, from the beginning until what is looking more and more like the end, been the only true check.

    The department of justice being under the executive branch is a travesty. The depth of corruption within the “republican” party (they do not actually believe in representing, which is what a republic is) is mind bending.

    That said I think that the Dems are being stupid in their approach to downing him. They are tripping over themselves to go off the deep end in the liberal direction (that is not to say that we do not need to make progress in making sure that everyone is treated fairly). This alienates a bunch of folks who don’t care for the Treasonous Toddler but are fiscally conservative.

    The campaign should be focused on why we the tax payers can’t afford the Difficult Toddler. A couple of examples: Cost of his golf days, including how much of that goes into the family coffers should be a weekly press release. He pulled out of the Trans Pacific agreement and replaced it with…taxpayer subsidies to already rich farmers. (I have almost drawn blood biting on my tongue when sitting with a couple of these ninnies being so proud that they are getting a check from “the Donald”.

    I also noticed something a couple of weeks ago. After reading your post about Mr Yang, I looked up about Jay Inslee (the other one who got little time during the debates) and now wonder if he were black, female, homosexual or a combination of these if he might be a front runner. He has experience as a US representative and is the governor of a state with many of the same challenges that the nation faces with regard to agriculture versus high tech, he manages to balance business and human rights interests, he understands about the environment. Are the Dems so focused on having another first that they are not giving a guy who has experience and smarts a chance because he is a white male with a few grandkids?

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    1. I agree; Inslee’s problem is his demographic. I remember thinking the older white men were wasting their time. They look too much like the GOP, which is unfair to them, but by the same token, 44 presidents have been white men, one a black man, and 45 would have been a woman if not for cheating.
      Biden seems to have gotten a pass based on his name recognition, ties to Obama, and because people believe he is the best bet to beat Trump.
      We have a great group of candidates, with a couple of exceptions, but anyone of them would be an improvement.

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      1. Warren has a real chance to win, polling in the top 3. She’s the tortoise- “slow and steady wins the race,” gradually building popularity. I like her. She has a plan for everything.
        I agree with you that she would be a great replacement for Moscow Mitch, but I don’t see her dropping out of the potus race.
        If she doesn’t win the nomination, she would easily fit into a position in the Executive Branch of the White House. – Secretary of Commerce, Secretary of the Treasury, or Director of Management & Budget, maybe VP.
        I am concerned about Congress, and hope more potus candidates redirect their energy like Representative Swalwell. He realized he couldn’t win and dropped out of the race before the second debate.
        The cut off is to declare a run for Congress is not until December, in most states, Colorado is later. I hope, after the next debate, those polling in bottom half consider other options.

        “Officials who have been in discussions with the Hickenlooper campaign said Tuesday that the former two-term governor is giving serious consideration to switching to the Senate race but stressed that a final decision has not yet been made,”


  2. Also, as much as I like Yang, and I know anything could happen, but I don’t think he can win. He wasn’t a politician before this run, and I hope it isn’t all or nothing for him.


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