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No politics today, and no complaints about my life. My children are healthy; that’s what’s important. Even on my worst day I know that we Americans don’t come near the suffering experienced by people in impoverished and war torn nations, not to mention the misery inflicted at our southern borders.

Think about them the next time the Starbucks employee forgets that you wanted whipped cream in your iced vanilla latte.

I want to share something I learned today. My daughter mentioned a friend who is in school to become an EMT- Emergency Medical Technician. She’s having trouble paying her rent; working and going to school is hard. I was impressed and said, “soon she won’t have to worry about making ends meet.”

My daughter told me her friend makes more now than she will when she becomes an EMT. I know everything, so I said, “that’s not possible, you’re wrong,” and then I started my Google search.

EMT’s are paid well, aren’t they? They drive ambulances, that charge an average of $1,600 for a short hop to the ER. Every EMT I’ve crossed paths with has been nothing but professional despite the stress of their jobs.

They’re first responders who regularly perform CPR; they come in contact with bodily fluids and are exposed to infectious diseases, they hook up IV’s, defibrillators, administer O2, they do that and more while rolling their patient to the ambulance, and then transporting them at high speeds to the hospital. I’m oversimplifying what they do, but I hope I’m making my point.

Emergency Medical Technicians are well trained, and they work very hard under stressful situations.

*The following information is from
Steps to Becoming a Paramedic/EMT
  1. Complete EMT Basic Training. EMT basic training (EMT-B) takes anywhere from six months to two years to complete, depending on the institution. … 
  2. Pass a National or State Exam to Become Certified. … 
  3. Complete Advanced EMT Training (Optional) … 
  4. Complete a Two-Year Degree Program (Optional)
  • Drum roll

  • My online search results:

    What is wrong with this country? My daughter was correct; EMT’s do not earn a living wage, paid on average $16 per hour. That is 40% below the national average. Undervalued and overworked is a phrase that applies here.

    ‘The Pay Is Just Not Enough.’ EMTs Are Working Multiple Jobs Just to Make Ends Meet

    Paramedic Schools & EMT Training | How to Become a Paramedic/EMT

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