Disinformation and the Democratic Debates

Let me start by addressing IQ45’s most recent claim that he will cure cancer. It makes sense that the stable genius who invented windmill cancer is the only one who can cure it.

Benedict Donald had a post-democratic debate phone call with his sponsor, Vladimir Putin. When reporters asked him if he raised the subject of election interference, he said he did not, because it didn’t happen. He said the two spoke about wildfires in Siberia. Perhaps Anita Wahl suggested raking leaves.

I want to remind everyone, myself included, that we are under attack, constantly pummelled with disinformation in a cyberwar, and Moscow Mitch McConnell won’t allow us to defend ourselves.

I’ve read several stories since the second round of democratic debates last week. It seems there is an effort to turn Tulsi Gabbard into a hero protagonist who outed the evil antagonist, Kamala Harris.

Check all the facts from both nights:

Debate Fact Check: What Were They Talking About, and What Was True?

Tulsi Gabard, Representative from Hawaii, is an Assad apologist, she is a Putpublican running on the Democratic ticket. She stands with the GOP who say Mueller exonerated Trump; he clearly says he did not. —>


She says forget it, (Trump’s crimes) and that it’s time to move on. Her attacks against Harris were twisted half-truths.

After the debate, Gabbard sparred with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who gave her several opportunities to denounce Assad. Here is just one example:

Anderson: “Do you consider [Assad] a torturer or a murder?”

Gabbard: “That’s not what this is about.”

Despite the many Op-EDs trying to make Gabbard’s attack on Harris a ”gotcha” moment, She is likely finished, and will not be among the group who will qualify for the next debate. If her attack against Harris did give her a momentary bump, she’s still never risen above 1% in the polls.

Only seven candidates have qualified for the September debate so far, with an August 28 deadline looming. The threshold candidates must meet to qualify are more exacting than in July and August. They need 130,000 individual donors, and they must show 2% support in four polls.

Only seven Democrats have qualified for the September debate:

  • Biden
  • Harris
  • Warren
  • Sanders
  • Booker
  • Buttigieg
  • O’Rourke

Yang, Castro, and Klobuchar are close to meeting the standards required.

Both Yang and Castro have over 130K donors and have qualified in three out of four required polls, while Klobuchar has met the poll requirement but not quite the donor threshold.

Now is a good time to thin out the field, because Congress needs these people back.

The word is that former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper will announce his exit from the presidential race and his new 2020 bid to run for senate, taking on Republican Cory Gardner.

Hopefully, more will follow.

On the subject of disinformation, someone suggested watching ”The Great Hack” on Netflix. I agree it is worth watching.


*I make it a rule not to attack Democrats, but Gabbard is not a Democrat.

Tulsi Gabbard praised for “pummeling” Kamala Harris on her record: She jailed “1,500 people” for weed and “laughed about it”

The Russians, Rooting for Trump, Are Loving the Democrats’ Debates

The Clear Winner in the Second Debate is Russia

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