McConnell Blocking Bills, and Mass Shootings

The difference between the GOP and the Democratic Party can be summed up with Mitch McConnell’s words which came in response to democratic protesters who chanted “Moscow Mitch.” as he spoke during a political picnic in his home state of Kentucky on Saturday:

“I’m going to spend as much time talking about [Democrats] as Kentuckians will voting for them this November – none,” ~Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell

Democratic politicians understand that they represent every American. Republicans, like Trump and McConnell, show contempt for anyone who doesn’t support them personally.

While McConnell is irritated with his latest monicker, Moscow Mitch, he found humor in proclaiming himself “the grim reaper, where bills go to die.” He has held fast to his vow to block any legislation sent his way by the Democratic Majority House, or from Democratic Senators. He’s killed over 100 bills.

Two subjects among those bills, in particular, affect our national security: laws to enact election security and common-sense gun reform.

It is a matter of opinion as to whether McConnell is acting to benefit Russia by blocking gun reform. Russia has been known to funnel large amounts of money through the NRA. We know his efforts to keep our elections vulnerable helps the Kremlin because Putin would like to continue to choose our politicians.

In the wake of two mass-shootings this weekend, Democrats in Congress have called for McConnell to cancel the recess and call the Senate back into session, to vote on the gun safety bill HR 8. One could say that by blocking any gun reform legislation, McConnell has blood on his hands. One could say he’s a traitor because he won’t protect our elections. We all should be saying impeach him.

In the meantime, Americans who don’t want to be caught in a mass-shooting should avoid:

Walmart, festivals, concerts, night clubs, yoga studios, church, synagogues, mosques, the Post Office, movie theaters, work, college, high school, elementary school, pre-schools, bar and grilles, waffle houses, military bases, gas stations, health clinics, shopping malls, sporting good stores, crowded sidewalks…

Worldwide mass shooting numbers to date, for 2019:

🇦🇹 0

🇩🇰 0

🇫🇮 0

🇩🇪 0

🇮🇹 0

🇮🇪 0

🇱🇺 0

🇨🇭 0

🇬🇧 0

🇭🇺 0

🇪🇸 0

🇵🇹 0

🇸🇬 0

🇸🇦 0

🇧🇪 0

🇸🇪 0

🇦🇺 0

🇫🇷 0

🇳🇿 1

🇳🇱 1

🇧🇷 1

🇨🇦 1

🇲🇽 3

🇺🇸 250 🤔 What is different?

Protestors interrupt McConnell event in Kentucky with ‘Moscow Mitch’ chants

Democrats demand McConnell convene Senate to pass background checks after mass shootings

3 thoughts on “McConnell Blocking Bills, and Mass Shootings

  1. It doesn’t seem like Moscow Mitch should have this much power, especially since he is from a Podunk state that adds remarkably little to the coffers or strength of our nation as a whole.

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  2. Term limits. All these people have way too much power. How dare they become multi millionaires by working “for the people” via taking bribes from lobbyists and dark money donations. It’s disgusting.

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