Epstein, Decision on Release Pending Trial Postponed

This morning a federal judge postponed until Thursday a determination on the release pending trial of serial pedophile, rapist, child sex trafficker for the elite, Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein’s attorneys are requesting “home arrest” while he awaits a court date for his crimes. This well-connected billionaire with three passports is a flight risk. The mere consideration of his release oozes filthy rich white man privilege.

Epstein had his sweetheart plea deal ten years ago, a 13-month sentence during which he was chauffeured out of his private county jail cell, (with a private guard), free 12 hours a day, six days a week, and he was allowed to travel between Palm Beach, New York, the Virgin Islands— while doing time.

Epstein and Trump should still be the top news story, but (screaming into a void) TRUMP IS CONTROLLING THE NARRATIVE AGAIN.

The toupee’d traitor has successfully shifted public focus away from sex crimes linked to him— again. The 13-year-old girl raped by both men at Epstein’s New York apartment is no longer in the headlines. Jeffrey Epstein and his old orange friend, their acquisition of young girls, one by way of female recruiters, the other a modeling agency, for exploitation and abuse, sex parties attended by older men and many young girls, some from Russia— the missing migrant girls, it is all forgotten.

Epstein is said to have abused over 100 child victims, and at least 20 women have accused the fraud in chief of sexual assault.

Why is Epstein, with his ties to Twitler, who has been accused of many of the same crimes, no longer a subject of interest?

All it took was a string of three tweets—

Yes, he is a vile racist, but being a racist isn’t a crime, raping and trafficking children is. Distracting is Teflon Don’s specialty. He is controlling the narrative; don’t let him. Focus on his crimes.


8 thoughts on “Epstein, Decision on Release Pending Trial Postponed

  1. I’m tempted to suggest that there should be a women’s group promoting gun ownership and practice with scrotum shaped targets. Seems like the only way to keep our young women safe is to arm them.

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      1. Forgot to say that I am actually a believer that we need stronger gun control. Maybe we should just arm women and girls. Unfortunately the psychology of the situation is that the innocent are taught that it is at least partly their fault and isolated from those who could help them.

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      2. I’m not a fan of guns either, and I don’t think a gun or martial arts training would have helped any of these girls. Epstein groomed his victims; he prayed on girls who he thought had no protection. He had all the power- physically, psychologically, it was his home, and he knew what was going to happen next, and he had his helper who guarded the door.

        Alex Acosta should have to pay restitution to every girl victimized after he let Epstein go.
        I hope this story is the catalyst parents need to talk to their children about how people like this operate.

        There are so many sex offenders it almost seems hopeless. I think it would help if the punishment were severe enough to discourage them. Most sexual assaults aren’t reported, and those that are aren’t punished as they should be.
        I have fantasy- a list of people I’d like to cage fight- Epstein, Kavanaugh, McConnell, Trump. Since it’s my delusion, I’d be an amazing fighter and kick their asses. Hopefully, Epstein will be cage fighting at Rikers Island soon.
        Anyway, we need more female judges and more women in politics. We’re making progress, slowly.

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