How will Barr Influence Epstein’s Case?

The short duration of outrage at crimes committed by Cheetolini is chronic. He has his gift of distraction, but he also has helpers who make his sins disappear.

Whatever happened with the SDNY investigation into individual 1’s campaign finance violations, the violations that landed his then-attorney, Michael Cohen in prison?

The investigation was quietly closed, no charges filed, five months ago when Bill Barr became AG. Bill Barr has been busy and on significant assignments.

Although Barr’s ties to Russia should have been grounds for him to recuse himself from the Russia investigation, he did not, and he managed to manipulate public perception of Robert Mueller’s report. Anyone who has read it knows there was collusion with Russia, and there were ten counts of obstruction of justice. Everyone else believes Barr’s twisted version that Trump was exonerated. Barr rendered the Mueller Report pointless— for now.

Barr laughs at the threat of contempt of Congress; he ignores subpoenas, and ethics are subjective to him. Last week, after announcing he would recuse himself from the sex trafficking case of Jeffrey Epstein, he rescinded. He will not recuse despite ties that go beyond his father hiring Epstein, when he was a 20-year-old NYU dropout, to teach math and physics at Dalton, a prestigious New York prep school.

A brief word on Bill Barr’s father, he is the author of a book called ”Space Relations.”—

Donald Barr, Dalton headmaster who conspicuously hired college dropout to teach, wrote a science fiction sex-slavery novel in 1974. It is a strange coincidence that Epstein was at Dalton during the time of the book’s, isn’t it?

What a tangled web this sex trafficking scandal has weaved. How so? Last weeks big story Jeffrey Epstein arrested by SDNY charged with sex trafficking, he was charged for the same crime ten years ago, but thanks to Alex Acosta he got away with it.

Secretary of Labor, Alex Acosta, punished Epstein with a slap on the wrist plea deal, and then he sealed the file on his case. He did not notify the victims, as required by law. (He has since resigned.)

  • Before working as a Florida U.S. Attorney? Acosta worked at the office of the law firm Kirkland Ellis Law.
  • Attorney General Bill Barr also worked for Kirkland & Ellis in 2009, and again in 2017.

    Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosen was a partner at Kirkland Ellis.

    Who else worked at Kirkland Ellis LLP Law Firm?

    • Acosta worked there,
    • William Barr worked there,
    • Brett Kavanaugh, SCOTUS rapey judge, worked there,
    • John Bolton, National Security Advisor, worked there
    • Rod Rosen, Deputy Attorney General, worked there,
    • And Ken Starr, the former special counsel who impeached Bill Clinton for lying under oath about a consensual sex act, was and is a partner there.

    Epstein’s defense team ten years ago in Florida included Ken Starr and another partner at Kirkland Ellis, Jay Lefkowitz.

    Remember, they negotiated the sweetheart deal for sex trafficking child rapist with (former) Labor Secretary Alex Acosta. Epstein could very well have ended up with a life sentence.

    Starr still represents Epstein to this day.

    My point is, Bill Barr has connections to Jeffrey Epstein. There is no question that he should have recused himself from the case. How will Barr interfere with this case? One thing we can be sure of, he won’t allow any allegations to touch his client in the White House.

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    Case against Jeffrey Epstein ‘getting stronger,’ prosecutors say as judge delays bail decision

    Jeffrey Epstein Taught at Dalton. His Behavior Was Noticed.

    Should William Barr recuse himself from Mueller report? Legal experts say AG’s ties to Russia are troubling

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