Trump Dependence Day

Remember when July 4th was Independence Day? It was a celebration commemorating the thirteen American colonies, united in freedom and independence from a tyrannical monarch, King George III.

We aren’t sure what King George thought of all this. Although historians say he didn’t keep a diary, there is a general belief that he did, and in it, he wrote:

“Nothing important happened today.” – King George’s diary entry July 4, 1776

Lie and deny— it reminds me of our current tyrant in chief who last week, during the Democratic presidential primary debates, tweeted:

On a personal note, I’d like to air a complaint. My old dog kept me up last night, shaking, pacing, and panting because fireworks scare her, and the idiots in my neighborhood take every opportunity to set them off, late into the night. I understand fireworks also trigger PTSD. Perhaps someday we might instead display holograms,

or make hand shadow eagles. Can we make this happen?

Moving on, despite widespread criticism over cost, damage to streets, and turning the 4th of July holiday into Donald Trump Day, his $92 million military parade/campaign rally will commence.

Remember when this was a nonpartisan celebration? Today’s events are a GOP/ Trump, ticket holder rally. Trump has given his biggest donors the best seats, corded off for the event.

The good news: several reports claim NBC, ABC, CBS, and MSNBC will not air the rally today.

Let’s review the dictatorial week so far:

  • Armored vehicles are moving into position around the Lincoln Memorial, on the taxpayer’s dime, for a military parade ordered by a draft dodging traitor, to make him feel powerful and make the fourth of July about him.
  • Baby Blimp balloon and a 16-foot-tall Shitler sitting on a golden toilet have obtained permits for the event.
  • It might rain, in which case the mango Mussolini probably won’t step outside— because his hair.
    • American Concentration Camp’s are now normal, and the citizens, it seems, have become indifferent to human suffering.
  • w
    • Migrant men, women, and children are tortured and dying at the hands of cruel guards.
    • There isn’t a dictator in the world who Fautus doesn’t love.
    • We no longer have allies.
    • His supporters think he is a patriot chosen by God.

    Putin’s prodigy foregoes his salary of $400,000 because he’s a great guy, a volunteer, who doesn’t want taxpayer money.

    A couple of the miscellaneous costs Trump has billed to taxpayers:

    • Military parade: $92 Million
    • Agolf’s golf trips: $105 Million
  • A recent survey finds that only 45% of Americans are proud to be American
  • How Is Trump’s Parade Offensive? Let Me Count the Ways

    A 16-foot-tall Trump sitting on a golden toilet will accompany ‘Baby Trump’ balloon

    ABC, CBS, and NBC announced they would snub President Trump’s ‘Salute to America’ celebration

    Trump Says July 4th Celebration Will Cost ‘Very Little’ — But Is That Realistic?

    Storms threaten to complicate Trump July 4 event

    6 thoughts on “Trump Dependence Day

    1. Words fail. Unbelievable. I only hope the news media stays firm in its resolve not to cover the rally and that crowds stay away by the millions. Do what we do regarding mass murderers. Refuse to publicize and glorify their misdeeds. Leave any mention of Trump out of this new butchering of democracy.

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      1. I don’t understand how any of this is allowed to happen. Why doesn’t the UN step in to rescue people?

        I’ve never called him president. Americans did not elect him; Putin installed him. I agree 100%, I need to find a way to stop using his name.


        1. The British called a king they didn’t recognize “The Pretender.” I think this is a good name for him. Chump, Bump, Clump, Dump, Grump, Hump, Stump, Lump, Rump–so many rhyming words describe him better than his family name. Who would have ever guessed that an American president would ever motivate so much derision and disdain? World wide? I continue to bid One No Trump!!!!

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      1. My new goal is to convey my message without using his name. Until now I’ve only made sure never to call him president. It’s a challenge, but I’m trying.


        1. I know it’s hard. I just feel that the name recognition is why we have the situation we do today. If we can get the use of it minimized it will help pull energy away from him.

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