Trump’s Flaccid Phallus 4th of July Rally

In today’s news: racist, fascist, swine uses taxpayer funds for a campaign rally / GOP partisan sham on July 4. Most Americans are not happy.

Also, Trump once again retaliates against The National Parks for exposing his propagandist, inauguration crowd size, lies (actual crowd on the left) by redirecting $2.5 million of their funds to his tiny penis 4th Of July Campaign Rally.

Baby Trump float will cast a shadow over Trump’s purloined flaccid phallus July 4 rally, by floating above the autocrat in Chief’s clannish group of chronically confused supporters.

Activists get permit to fly ‘Baby Trump’ blimp over July 4 ‘Salute to Trump’ celebration

There is some irony in a draft dodging dicktator throwing himself a military parade.

Reign on Mein Kampf parade- stormy weather is forecast for Washington DC on the 4th.

3 thoughts on “Trump’s Flaccid Phallus 4th of July Rally

  1. Don’t use his name. Especially don’t use it with the title of the office he holds. Every use give free media attention. The best response is for no one to show for his party…And for an account of funds spent on it to be made public.

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