McGahn Ignores Congressional Subpoena

“The American people have had enough.” ~Donald Trump

Trump means the Mueller report should be closed because that is what the American people want. That may be what 30-40% want, but the majority of Americans believe Trump is covering up his crimes, and the GOP is behind him.

Today was the day former White House counsel Don McGahn was subpoenaed to appear before the House Judiciary Committee.

The Trump administration claimed Congress could not compel McGahn to testify and ordered him not to appear.

They tried claiming executive privilege- despite the fact that Trump waived that when he allowed Don McGahn to testify to Mueller’s team.

Trump’s legal counsel wrote the following 14-page letter filled with reasons McGahn cannot be compelled to testify.

None are valid. McCain was an employee of the White House, not Donald Trump; there is no employee client privilege. McGahn is no longer employed by the White House, he’s a private citizen. The law in DC federal court states that there is no unqualified immunity for a former White House Counsel.

This is just another case of Trump ordering someone to break the law.

McGahn had been one of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s key witnesses in the Obstruction of Justice case against Donald Trump. He had been questioned by Mueller for over 30 hours. Mueller found McGahn to be credible and without impetus to lie.

What was covered in the unredacted Mueller report with regards to McGahn’s testimony?

McGahn had been fired within 60 days of refusing to lie on Trump’s behalf, regarding who gave the order to fire former FBI Director James Comey. Trump told McGahn to order Comey’s firing and told him to say it was his idea.

So this morning, the Judiciary Committee met, McGahn did not appear.

What will congress do now?

If history is a window to the future, Congress will do one of the following:

  • Write a strongly worded letter
  • Push back the subpoena date
  • Nothing

If this was not about Donald Trump, they would:

  • Send the Sergeant at Arms to arrest McGahn
  • Fine him $25k per day until he testifies

So, what happened?

Chairman Nadler said he would file a court order to summon McGahn. I forgot that option.

When GOP ranking member Collins had the floor to respond to Nadler, he repeated same false narrative the Trump Administration and Attorney General Bill Barr have repeated endlessly:

”The bottom line of the Mueller report was that there was no collusion, no conspiracy, and no obstruction.” ~Rep Collins

The opposite is true.

The fact is, most GOP members of Congress have not bothered to read the Mueller report; they will admit as much. This would explain their negligence, if that is what this is.

It is the responsibility of every member of Congress to read the entire unredacted report. They refuse to read the report so they can say, truthfully, they had no idea Trump did the things the report says he did. This is willful ignorance. This is a coverup. This is obstruction.

The American people have had enough, of Donald Trump.

Democrats in Congress need to step up their game

Read the report. 👇🏼👇🏼

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