FBI Director Wray Misled the House Committee

U.S. intelligence officials knew there was going to be a problem, likely violence, days in advance of January 6. I know what you’re thinking, tell me something I don’t know. This is a post that will reveal nothing you don’t know; because we had fair warning. It took no intelligence to predict, it only required … Continue reading FBI Director Wray Misled the House Committee

Can We Impeach Him NOW?

Last weeks big news story revealed that a whistleblower warned the intelligence community's inspector general of a “disturbing phone call" between POTUS 45 and Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky. The warning was deemed credible and urgent. The DOJ has refused to comply with its legal obligation to release the transcript to Congress. Attorney General Bill Barr … Continue reading Can We Impeach Him NOW?

Cory Lewandowski is a Dick

Ding dong, impeachment hearings have begun. What impeachment hearings, you ask? The hearings that will determine whether or not Fake POTUS committed the impeachable offense of obstruction of justice by attempting to cut short, end, and or limit the Mueller investigation. There are ten separate occurrences of this offense described in Robert Mueller’s report. As … Continue reading Cory Lewandowski is a Dick

Do We Need More Reasons to Impeach?

Today is Friday; what better day is there to review 45's week of impeachable offenses? Waiting until tomorrow might be prudent because there is no telling how he'll offend today, but my goal is brevity. Add the following to the countless pre-existing impeachable crimes already noted, ranging from obstruction of justice to abuse of power: … Continue reading Do We Need More Reasons to Impeach?

Mueller’s Testimony, Was it Enough? *Updated

The Orange menace is still saying ”total exoneration.” Wrong There were 140 contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia, and ten clearly laid out instances of obstruction of justice. Did you watch the Mueller testimony today? I did, and I have to admit, I took pages and pages of notes and now I see I … Continue reading Mueller’s Testimony, Was it Enough? *Updated

Testify— Just Don’t Say Anything

Robert Mueller, the man who has the potential to confirm 45’s ”total exoneration,” and close the subject of Trussia forever, will have his chance to do so tomorrow when he testifies before Congress. Will we hear him say the words— ”No, collusion! No, obstruction!”? Someone is worried that we won't. (The idiot’s next tweet is … Continue reading Testify— Just Don’t Say Anything