We Have a Winner

Had I read the story linked below, prior to writing my post earlier today, the post would have had an end, but I hadn’t, and it didn’t, so here it is.

Amid cooperation bid, Flynn messaged top Mueller critic in Congress

Matt Gaetz, the drunk driving, witness threatening, Republican Florida Congressman, is one of the people “connected to” Congress who were mentioned in the recently unsealed, document of evidence in the redacted Mueller report.

Gaetz was on the receiving end of texts from Mike Flynn; one sent as recently as the day of Bill Barr’s confirmation as attorney general.

“Keep the pressure on.” ~ Flynn to Gaetz

Flynn has been communicating with the White House despite his plea agreement with Robert Mueller, proving some people cannot be reformed.

“You stay on top of what you’re doing. Your leadership is so vital for our country now, ” ~text from Flynn to Gaetz

Gaetz repeats Trump’s narratives, defending Trump at every opportunity. He wrote the following tweet before Cohen testified before Congress.

Trump liked it. Gaetz was overheard on a call with Trump saying:

”Mr. President, I was happy to do it.”

He isn’t the most discrete criminal politician in office.

Nancy did not like Gaetz’s tweet:

After Pelosi’s response, Gaetz deleted his tweet and ”apologized” by denying he meant it as a threat.

Then he showed up at Michael Cohen’s hearing, to scowl at Cohen, in support. (sarcasm)


Gaetz is lovely on Twitter. He went along with Bill Barr’s 4-page version and encouraged people to ignore the redacted Mueller report after it was released.

Matt is hated across his home state of Florida, he won’t be missed when he atones for all witness tampering, and whatever else is still redacted.

👆🏼My personal favorite Gaetz photo.

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is a terrible person

On the upside, for Matt, his next mugshot will not be released to the public as per new police policies protecting the identities of those who may have been falsely accused.

Matt is under investigation by the Florida Bar Association.


We can continue playing our guess game regardless; who will be un-redacted next?

Who Called Flynn?

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