Traitor Tot Gets a Subpoena

The Republican-controlled Senate Intelligence committee’s issuance of a subpoena to Don Jr, concerning the Russia investigation is significant, but how?

Is it a signal that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s findings are having an impact on the corruption in the White House after all?

Does it mean the Senate plans to take action against Don Jr for the well-documented perjury, he committed when he testified before the Senate Intel Committee in mid-December 2017, concerning the Trump Tower meeting of June 2016? Does it mean he isn’t too stupid to be indicted after all?

Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenas Donald Trump Jr. over Russia matters

The angry response to the subpoena by the GOP would lead one to think Uday (Jr) should be nervous.

Senator Richard Burr, the Republican chairman of the Senate Intel Committee, has been attacked by most Republicans for taking this action, although a handful of GOP Senators, including Susan Collins and Chuck Grassley, stand in support of Burr’s effort. Hmm, curious.

Trump allies warn: ‘If you touch Don Jr our base will come after you’ | Raw Story

David Jolly, former GOP Florida Congressman, is appalled by the attacks against Burr.

With all due respect to Jolly, Trump’s ”boy” is the same age as the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, who is an adult.


Those speaking out against Burr for this action against Junior include—

Trump ally, California Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who tweeted:

and Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul, who has been linked to Russia, who tweeted:

and then there is Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, who said ”the ’good news’ is that Burr has ’already indicated that the committee will find no collusion,’ staying consistent with the findings of the Mueller Report (which, by the way, did not make a determination on collusion as it has no legal definition.)”

Mitch McConnell Reassures Hannity: Don Jr. Subpoena Will ‘Have a Happy Ending’

Which brings me to the point of my post; I’m skeptical. Although the Senate Intel Committee has been odd, in that it is a GOP led committee that is considered mostly bipartisan, the GOP Chairman of the said Committee, Bill Burr, who initiated the subpoena, is a man of questionable integrity.

How many times have I been fooled into hoping a hero would emerge from the fog of Trump ranks to save our democracy? I don’t want to discredit myself too much, so I’ll only list two: Bill Barr (I know🙄), and Rod Rosenstein (I know 🙄).

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me three times, or more, and I don’t know what.

That said, I can not trust Senator Burr. His loyalty to Donald Trump goes back to the days of the Access Hollywood tape.

A quick Google search into Senator Burr’s voting history makes me think this subpoena is not what it appears to be.

He’s a typical GOP Senator, voting against: healthcare, climate change, medical marijuana, he has an A+ NRA rating, voted to “overhaul” (cut) Social Security, voted for Betsy Devos, and while he believes climate change is real, he says man does not cause it. As such, he has voted for oil pipelines, against taxing carbon emissions, he opposes efforts by the government to restrict the release of greenhouse gases. Necessarily, he’s only against pollution if he and his friends and lobbyists don’t profit from it.

His name sounds familiar. That’s because he is a very cousin to Aaron Burr, the 3rd Vice President of the US, traitor, and murderer of Alexander Hamilton. I’m not suggesting that because he’s related to one of the great villains of American history, he is equally evil, but I’m thinking it.

So what’s my theory today? I believe the GOP wants to subpoena Junior before the entirely redacted version of the Mueller report is released so that when all the facts are known, and the extent of Junior’s crimes have been exposed, the GOP will argue against another subpoena. I think this is theater.

I believe the House, led by Nancy Pelosi, has a plan, and they’re well on their way to accomplishing their goal, to raise public awareness to garner increased public support for impeachment. But the Senate is led by snake Mitch McConnell, who has power over all their committees, so I don’t buy the Junior argument.

I hope I’m wrong.

12 thoughts on “Traitor Tot Gets a Subpoena

    1. There is a lot to argue on the story, and I’m old, but I wasn’t there, so my comment may be unfair. There is speculation about the dual- Burr challenged Hamilton (because Hamilton disparaged him), Burr provided the gun’s, (I’ve read Hamilton’s had been tampered with), Hamilton was positioned facing the rising sun, (so had a disadvantage), etc. Also, dueling was illegal, and anyone else (maybe) would have been found guilty, so there is some political manipulation in acquittal.
      I think Hamilton was a genius, and I do wonder what else he would have accomplished in his life if he had lived.
      It’s an interesting story.
      History may have been unfair to Burr; I’m just reflecting it. 😉

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      1. I listened to a good audiobook last year titled Duel With the Devil: The True Story of How Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr Teamed Up to Take On America’s First Sensational Murder Mystery. I enjoyed it and recommend it to you.

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    2. Also, Burr’s treason charge was for assembling an armed force to with the goal of separating the country. He wasn’t a good guy for at least part of his life, imo.
      I guess I need a ”Team Hamilton” shirt.

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      1. I agree Burr was for a good part of his life an unsavory character. And although I respect Hamilton for many of his accomplishments, there’s much about him that I strongly dislike, including his machinations vis-a-vis Thomas Jefferson and, especially, his serial adultery.

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      2. Jefferson’s history is fascinating too, and I’ve read opposing stories of his life. The forefathers were busy. My favorite is Benjamin Franklin. They accomplished so much- and without Google.

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      3. I know, right? Every time I listen to or read a biography of a Founding Father, I’m amazed at how much they were able to accomplish and especially at the sheer volume of their correspondence. The men must’ve averaged about 3 hours of sleep per day!

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      4. I’m curious, is the devil in the title of the book referring to Hamilton? I just checked, my library doesn’t have it, but I’ll find it.


      5. I don’t remember it being explicitly stated exactly to whom or what the title refers; I think it refers to the courtroom battle between NY’s prosecutor and the defense. It may refer to a particularly shady acquaintance of the deceased, whom the defense attempts to portray as the actual murderer. Honestly, though, I don’t think it refers to anything specific but was chosen for its sensationality to help sell the book.

        If you want to read more about the book, here’s a link to its Goodreads synopsis:

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