It’s Your Play, Congress

Yesterday Michael Cohen raised questions confirmed suspicions that Donald Trump conspired to defraud the United States.

You may recall, Michael Cohen’s opening statement during yesterday’s hearing:

He detailed his own crimes, his faults, and his stupidity. Regardless, the GOP obstreperously attempted to discredit him.

“Yes, I’m a felon, I’m going to jail. Yes?”

Is there a question? No.

The photo below depicts the maturity level of the GOP. They really are a party of fools.

While Democrats sought answers, the GOP attacked the witness repeatedly listing the crimes the witness had already owned.

GOP Ranking member Jim (Gym) Jordan, is the former Ohio State Wrestling coach, accused by several wrestlers of enabling sexual assault… why is he in office?

His disrespect for Elija Cummings, a great American, was obscene. His lack of decorum, screaming at the wittiness rather than asking questions should have embarrassed his shameless endangered party, but they are trying to spin the screaming bitch into “an attack dog”.

That’s the best you have GOP?

“You’ve made it clear you don’t want the American people to hear what Cohen has to say.” ~Committee Chairman Elija Cummings

We heard Cohen despite Jim Jordan’s rants.

Cohen’s testimony was more than enough to begin impeachment proceedings.

  • Cohen described Trump’s methods of tax fraud on state and local levels. Tax fraud is an impeachable offense.

  • Cohen described Trump’s use of campaign funds to pay off women. Violating campaign finance laws is an impeachable offense.

  • Cohen detailed changes Trump’s staff made to his testimony prior to his first hearing. Encouraging perjury is an impeachable offense.

  • Cohen described witnessing a phone call Donald Trump took, on speaker, from Roger Stone, telling of a massive dump of Hillary Clinton’s email’s day’s before it happened. Trump testified in writing to the DOJ and Special Counsel that he knew nothing prior to the release of e-mails. Perjury is an impeachable offense.


And then there’s this asshole.👇🏼

Drunk driver, Representative Matt Gaetz, tweeted threats to Cohen the night before his testimony.

Gaetz apologized when he was informed his indimidation tactics were witness tampering, a felony.

Regardless, Gaetz continued his pursuit of intimidation after he was allowed in the hearing despite not being a panel member.

It’s your play, ethics committee.


Roger Stone: last week posted a threat on Instagram against his Judge. She responded with a summons.

Stone groveled and apologized, and was given another chance with a strict gag order. He violated said gag order yesterday when he commented to the press regarding Cohen’s testimony, calling Cohen’s a liar.

Your play, Judge.


An enlightening point made during the hearing-

Mob families have been brought down by witnesses who have committed far worse crimes than Michael Cohen.

Most people in a position to offer information with regards to Trump have committed crimes on his behalf.

It’s your play, Congress.

Cohen to Jim Jordan: ‘Shame on you’

Florida Bar investigating Rep. Matt Gaetz’s social media comments about Michael Cohen

Roger Stone is “playing with fire,” likely violated gag order by commenting on Cohen testimony: Ex-federal prosecutor,amp.html

4 thoughts on “It’s Your Play, Congress

    1. Well, apparently Trump called Gaetz from Hanoi to congratulate him on his tweet and Gaetz was overheard telling Trump he was “happy to do it for him.” He also issued an apology for the tweet. I’d like to know which came first. He’s one in a long list of political scumbags.


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