Trump’s 3 Hour Tour of Duty… a poem

The first time in history

Say several sources

A president hadn’t

Visited armed forces


A millionaire and his wife,

Shamed mercilessly

Did what they should have done,


The Donalds visited troops

On deployed stay

The timing was obvious,

Late Christmas Day

An extra push came

With news of a doctor who

Played a part in a story

We already knew


Trump dodged the Vietnam draft

Claimed nonexistent…

Bone spurs, the doctor lied

For favors requisite

Bone Spur Doc’s Daughter: Dad Wrote Trump Diagnosis as a Favor

On a whim Trump flew

To Germany and Iraq

Ending troop avoidance

Came with some aftershock


Iraq’s Prime Minister was angered,

Most of all

Donald Trump’s visit

Violated protocol


Iraq demands Trump withdraw troops,

All 5000

Three hours spent in Iraq—

Politically spouting


“You have not had a pay raise in 10 years. I got you that raise. Some people wanted it to be less, some said 2% some said 3%. I said NO, I WANT 10%.”

In Fact, troops have received

Annual pay raises

For over 30 years

Trump lied to their faces


This year’s increase

Was the same as rates in the past

2.6%, not 10%

Trump’s bad math

Trump treated the trip

Like a rally, critically

Ranting, signing hats

Wasn’t this a holiday?


One officer photographed

With a flag in hand

American? No.

Political banners are banned

Her reaction implies

She knows of the decree

Politics are banned

On bases military

“Active duty personnel may not engage in partisan political activities.” ~ DoD Directive 1344.10

The visit, propaganda


A stunt, photo op,

Politically fascistic

Troops donned gear:

Chest rigs, helmets, night vision goggles,

To pose in a cafeteria

It boggles


“Camp Cupcake” Photo-op

There is one last item

I thought I would mention

Trump outed Seal team 5

Without comprehension

He tweeted their names,

Photos, and their location

Alarmingly stupid

By all estimation

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