Is Zuckerberg Still Selling Your Data?

A toxic friend you can’t shake,

though you’re constantly affronted

Regrets for your impalement

are offered only when confronted

Diseased pursuit of money,

would sell his mother… name a price

He sells your information,

it’s done by tracking your device

Your list of friends, birthdate,

hometown, exact current location

Who he sells to is irrelevant

in his estimation

Trump and Russia,

through Cambridge Analytica, bought you

As many of Zuckerberg’s patrons

were eager so to do

Propaganda spread through Facebook,

led to a Senate hearing

Zuck questioned in March:

“Senator, we sell ads” (He’s endearing.)

Bad press was a financial threat,

so Zuckerberg realized

“Your privacy is important to us.”

He apologized

It’s important because he sells it,

but that’s not what he said

Facebook added security…

that’s recompense we’re fed

“Access stopped in 2015”—

Zuck told the senate that tale

Now we learn since March,

Facebook had 61 new App sales,

Sold like lost migrant children

to this administration,

No one knows who has your data,

time for emancipation

This toxic liar, facebook fiend,

he is still whoring you out

If privacy is important,

you’ll close your Facebook account

Facebook Reveals Apps, Others That Got Special Access to User Data – WSJ

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