(more) *BREAKING NEWS* (again) yawn…

What is there to write about? Nothing ever happens in this God forsaken country… well aside from yesterday’s constant…


  1. Trump’s metrosexual son-un-law(ful) Jared Kushner’s security clearance was downgraded. That wasn’t really shocking. Jared Kushner lied during his background check, he lied on government forms, and he lied about his meetings with Russia. These lies are federal crimes, so what is shocking is that it took over a year for his security clearance to be downgraded.
  2. Hope Hicks, the Trump Whisperer, admitted to House Investigators that part of her job is “white lying” for Trump.
  3. Followed by news that—Hicks announced her resignation after Trump berated her for admitting to lying, “How could you be so stupid?!”
  4. Trump attempts subterfuge by going off script and speaking radical pro-gun control at White House meeting. This is purely theater.
  5. Word leaks that Mueller is going after Trump in DNC hacks. The million dollar question is how much did he know, and when did he know it. (screwed)
  6. U.S. officials say leaders in China, Mexico, Israel, and the United Arab Emeritus, discussed the ease of manipulating White House adviser Jared Kushner via his business arrangements. In a possibly related story—
  7. Jared Kushner received *massive* loans for KushCo of $184 million from private equity firm Apollo + $325 million from Citigroup, after those companies met with him in the White House.
  8. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson buys $31k table for his office as after he announces sharp budget cuts to programs, and he fired his assistant who questioned the price tags.
  9. Trump tried to fire Jeff Sessions, further incriminating himself by seeking to replace Sessions with a less recused stooge and, as such, obstructing the Mueller investigation.
  10. Let’s not forget Trump’s repeated eulogies to Billy Graham. Trump, who allegedly raped wife #1, cheated on her with wife #2, and assaulted numerous women, while married to #3, (I won’t stoop to mentioning the porn star and prostitute orgies)… Trump praising the most evangelical of the evangelicals is just a joke to all the jokers involved.
  11. And finally, Putin ran away with the nukes, in what I, who am disposed to contrive conspiracy theories, believe is an attempt to distract from his puppet’s bad day, Putin pulls out his “new line of nuclear weapons”…the spring collection?

If only there was something fresh to write about, I’d do it. Maybe something newsworthy will occur today.


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