House Intelligence Questions FBI

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has spent this week answering questions, behind closed doors, for the House Intelligence Committee.

“The House Intelligence Committee” first and foremost is an oxymoron. The House of Representatives and intelligence are like two magnets of the same pole, they repel each other— never the twain shall meet.

Devin Nunes heads this committee, proving my point. I will remind you of the time he frantically called a press conference without discussing his decision to do so, and without discussing his “new information” with members of the committee.

That was after Nunes had been called to the White House and told there was proof former (and better) President Obama had wiretapped Donald Jackass Trump. Nunes subsequent impromptu press conference was an attempt to corroborate the accusation made by Trump in one of his more inflammatory late night tweets. Nunes told the press there was proof that Trump’s tweet was true.

There was no proof, because it never happened. Nunes lied for Trump and, when that was apparent, he said he would recuse himself from the committee to investigate Trump/Russia. This was to be his self flagellation for the misdeed.

Nunes never recused himself, and continues to head this sham of a committee. This committee, which Nunes heads, does not try to ascertain truth. Their mission is to distract the press from the Trump/Russia investigation.

Nunes has been a nervous wreck for months, torn between covering up his own ties to Russia, and not angering Trump or Putin in the process.. He showed us all with that press conference, he is a Trump lackey.

Back to the questioning of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. He has been questioned regarding conversations and correspondence he had with FBI Director James Comey, his onetime boss. The hope Nunes has is that he will find a way to discredit the FBI.

There are two reasons this committee needs to discredit the FBI—

1. Time is running out and options are few as Trump’s dooms day looms near. His only hope is to garner public support before the inevitable happens and he is indicted. He is trying to distract from Russia, crying Hillary, and claiming the FBI is on a “witch hunt.”

Mmm… not likely to get the public’s support with approval ratings south of 34.

2. The House committee is also on a fact finding mission for Trump’s legal defense, and they’re using tax payer dollars, claiming their activity is a government investigation.

My opinions are based on the direction of the questions asked of Mr McCabe. He has been interrogated regarding both the FBI’s Russia investigation, and its probe into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

This committee will not find answers regarding Russian interference, because it does not seek to.

I remember when Trump couldn’t praise former FBI Director James Comey enough, for re-opening the Clinton email investigation two weeks prior to the 2016 presidential election. It turned the tide of public opinion. It followed the release of the Access Hollywood tapes in which Trump famously bragged about assaulting women. It should have been a game ending blow to Trump. Comey is one of the reasons Trump is where he is. Lordy.

Now as Trump flails his arms, trying to accuse Comey and Mueller of having some kind of vendetta against him, all that came of this weeks questioning of Mr McCabe was further confirmation that Trump has indeed tried to obstruct justice by asking Comey to “let the Flynn investigation go,” and asking for Comey to pledge his loyalty.

It seems to me the entire GOP congress is guilty of obstruction of justice. What are they trying to hide? I’m betting they are trying to hide their own acquisition of Russian money.

Final thought—

Jared Kushner lied to the FBI on several occasions… each lie is a felony, so why does he still have White House security clearance?


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