Hillary Clinton Blamed for Weinstein’s Sexual Assault— Of Course…

Yes you read that right. The latest irony in the Trump/Republican arena is their argument that because Harvey Weinstein is a Democrat, like Trump was, and donated money to Hillary Clinton’s election campaign, like Trump did in 2008, Clinton is to blame for Weinstein’s reprehensible behavior. This vast expanse that is America has become a haven for misogyny. A woman is asked to defend herself against a man’s serial sexual assaults against women. 

This has become the Trumpies battle cry for the past 2 days. I know this first hand because someone tried to engage me in just such an argument, “Democrats ignore Weinstein’s behavior because he’s Democrat.” —a post of mine was published (with my permission) on another forum. It was a post regarding the pro-life congressman who asked his mistress to abort their child, a politician with a 100% record of voting against women’s rights. 

Someone (a man) threw Weinstein and SNL at me in a comment. I’m going to post a link if you care to look at the extensive comments, they continue to accumulate although I’ve stopped reading and responding to them. Most are written by another commenter. He begins by listing countless accusations against Obama, the usual false ones, such as he wasn’t born here. 

I with my magic google powers easily deciphered who this person was and called him out. His “name” is that of an underground Russian group who spread propaganda. He did not deny it, in fact when I detailed the group’s information, he admitted it. He continues to post comments, arguing with another person who called me a “Russiaphobe.” I wouldn’t be surprised to find he is also Russian, and they’re play arguing. 

I have not deleted their comments because I hope anyone who reads them also reads my responses and understand this is how lies are perpetuated on the internet, and this contributed to Trump’s election win. 


So now Harvey Weinstein, who was a friend to Donald Trump, has had business ventures with Steve Bannon, and going down for committing the same crimes Donald Trump committed, is Hillary Clinton’s fault. Trump, in contrast, was exposed prior to the election, is on tape bragging about committing the same crimes, but was still elected President. 
Makes Trump sense. 
Trump and his Russian troll friends continue to attack Clinton a year after the election. Why?

Clinton’s response— she is giving the money Weinstein donated to her campaign to charity.


<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/fraud/”>Fraud</a&gt;

4 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Blamed for Weinstein’s Sexual Assault— Of Course…

  1. Well, just oh my god, I couldn’t believe the comments…just shocking, great post too. Are these people just sitting out there, wading through the Internet to jump in and abuse? I’m so shocked… I’m quite sure you are feisty enough to ignore it, so keep it coming!!

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