Trey Gowdy is the New David Nunes.

We have two government investigations simultaneously taking place, supposedly working toward the same goal, and yet one is actively working against the other to end both investigations.

Remember former House Intel Committee Chief David Nunes? This past April, he held an impromptu press conference, without discussing his plans to do so with the committee, falsely backing up Trump’s “Obama wiretapped me” claim. 

He was attempting to assist Trump in discrediting the FBI investigation, then led by former FBI Director James Comey, by falsely claiming their investigation was based on information gathered illegally when former President Obama “wiretapped” Trump Tower. 

Nunes seems to have disappeared, or been run out of town. He’s still there, although he kind of sort of recused himself (not really) from the committee. He retained the right to oversee committee subpoenas. 
His behavior in April was illegal, and is part of the case against Trump and his staff’s repeated attempts to obstruct the investigation. 

Trey Gowdy, who looks like a graduate of the ‘Harry Potter House of Slytherin’ (and also seems to be a fan of the ‘white power’ hand gesture), stepped into the leadership role left void by Nunes in the House Intel Committee investigation. 

The House Intel Committee’s primary function seems not to be what they claim it is— to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election, but rather to obstruct and deflect and ultimately end the investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. 

The House has interviewed key witnesses, such as Kushner, Trump Jr, Paul Manafort, but only in closed sessions. The result, if not the purpose, to give witnesses the legal means to refuse Mueller’s subpoenas for transcripts of the interviews. Paul Manafort is currently doing just that. They testify behind closed doors for a committee that is actively working with Trump to withhold information, and neither the public nor the FBI have access to what transpires. 

Now Gowdey, in his assignment to discredit Mueller’s investigation, is claiming the FBI used questionable information to legitimize the entire investigation: the Steele dossier. 

Meanwhile Nunes, who has established himself as an agent for Trump, sent his aids in search of Daniel Steele hoping to intercept him before congress interviewed him. Their goal is to ultimately discredit him as well, and claim the entire investigation was based on the dossier- which is false. Most everything in the dossier has already been proven to be true, and what remains is reportedly soon to be proven true as well. 

Gowdey has some carrots dangling in front of him: he has been next in line to replace Jeff Sessions, and he also wanted to replace Comey as FBI director.

Hey GOP, why the coverup? Why is Manafort hiding his testimony? Innocent people do not hide or obstruct. Why doesn’t Donald want his taxes released? 

Why does Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) want to cut funding to Muellers investigation?

Why can’t Jeff Keebler Elf Sessions “recall” anything? 

The GOP has proven, time and time again, their priority is— party over country. It’s them against us. Trump’s approval ratings don’t bode well for the GOP and re-elections for many are less than a year away. Odd that they seem unphased. Why aren’t they worried?

In my opinion they are confident they will win whether they have the support of their constituents or not, thanks to gerrymandering (the manipulation of borders to increase the likelihood of one party winning), the Russian propaganda machine (hard at work here), voter registration log tampering (thousands of voters arrived at their polling stations where there were no records of them having registered), and tampering with the actual machines- (many cited cases of votes changing as they were cast). 

Exit polls on the day of the presidential election, for the first time in their history, did not match up with results. No one batted an eye. The GOP seems to be more afraid of Trump’s friend Putin and his influence than the power of their voters. 

Politics has always been corrupt. The level of corruption in the White House today eclipses anything we’ve seen before. If Trump isn’t removed from office prior to 2020 he’ll win a re-election—Putin will see to that. 

I have a few simple proposals: hand counted paper ballots, end gerrymandering, abolish the electoral college. As citizens we need to reclaim the government. Mueller? Mueller? Mueller?
Will the GOP survive Trump? Let’s hope not.


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4 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy is the New David Nunes.

  1. I think that when Hillary referred to half of Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorable,” that basket was filled with congressional Republicans, almost all of whom are the personification of deplorable.

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