Mueller? Mueller? Mueller? Are We There Yet?!

Special counsel Robert Mueller is playing chess while Donald Trump plays… with his navel lint.

Trump warned Mueller not to look into his personal finances. 

Mueller, who is actively investigating Trump’s ties to Russia, began looking into Trump’s personal finances. 

Last week Donald Trump tested his ability to pardon, without following protocol, by pardoning former Phoenix sheriff Arpaio who was indicted for ignoring a court order. Trump was sending a message, to those who are considering switching teams— he can pardon those who stay loyal.

Mueller responded to the pardon by teaming up with New York and Virginia prosecutors, where alleged financial crimes took place, because the president can not pardon state convictions.

As this investigation picks up steam new members of the GOP step in and try to thwart it. Last week Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis filed legislation to cut funding to the investigation if it continues beyond six months. What is he afraid of? Perhaps Mueller will look into that now. 

Mueller has most recently enlisted the IRS to aid in his investigation: the IRS’ Criminal Investigations unit, which concentrates exclusively on financial crimes like tax evasion and money laundering. 

Ties to Russian money and the timing of awareness of collusion may implicate many more than Trump and his family. Speculation is that once the investigation moves onto Pence obstruction will become a GOP team effort. 

This is fun and everything, but I’m ready to move onto a new topic. Mueller? Mueller? Mueller? Are we there yet?

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3 thoughts on “Mueller? Mueller? Mueller? Are We There Yet?!

  1. What I like about Mueller is he is staying absolutely stung – no talking to the press, nothing, zilch – and I think it is this that is making the Donald and his clan nervous – as they should be. Mueller is a top professional.

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