My Retraction and Apology- 

“Assumptions are dangerous things.” ~ Agatha Christi 

I am not perfect. I am not a reporter. I read news accounts, several different versions of the same story, before I form an opinion. If I feel the need to express that opinion I will write a post.

That said, on occasion mistakes are made often times due to assumptions. I assumed something to be fact this week, and that assumption skewed the meaning of all the news accounts I had read.

These past two days I’ve written about Donald Trump’s visit to Houston. Today I read something that made me question everything.

But I have so many memories, pictures in my head of him consoling victims. I found proof:

There he is, the best Potus ever, consoling victims… oh, that’s not Trump… but he said he was there:

Okay, here he is in Houston—on the cover of the NY Post:

What? That’s the Kennedys at Cape Cod? 

Okay, hold on, I found proof:

Hmm… it’s not raining there. 

This is what Houston looks like:

I back tracked and reviewed all the news paper headlines from the past couple of days and they only say “Trump Visits Texas.” 

I took that to mean he visited Houston. So why would he tweet that he had seen a first hand account?

Here he is, not in Houston, “witnessing firsthand the horror and devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.” Apparently Trump went to Corpus Christi. 

I apologize to my readers whom I may have misled unintentionally by my own ignorant assumption of the meaning of a Trump tweet. 

As was mentioned in a comment to Michael Moore’s tweet…

Ours is not to judge. 

In closing I find there is a lesson here:

“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” ~Abraham H. Maslow, Toward a Psychology of Being

What? That doesn’t apply here? 

How about this: 

“Terror made me cruel” ~ Emily Bronte


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2 thoughts on “My Retraction and Apology- 

  1. Trump doesn’t like getting involved in the miseries of ordinary everyday families, even less Melania I think – too much dirt and bad smells maybe. They will stay as far away from the flood victims for as long as possible.

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