Civil War II

Vladimir Putin has achieved his goal. By putting Donald Trump in the Oval Office he has weakened the U.S. using the tried and true method of divide and conquer. We have become our own worst enemies. 

What is the motivation behind this commercial? This is a call to arms. Why? Is the NRA inciting violence in order to boost sales with this dangerous video? Are we on the verge of another civil war? The seeds planted in the minds of our young people today may have long lasting implications. 

While we fight amongst ourselves, we have lost our standing in the world. Our president is the punchline of jokes told in a dozen languages. Trump is cozying up to dictators while insulting leaders of the free world. 

Women’s rights and civil rights have have become empty catch phrases, because respect does not exist in the Trump White House. It will take years to undo the damage he is causing. 
Trump’s tweets this morning crossed the line of decency…again. His treatment of women, from reporters, to politicians is abhorrent.  

Milania Trump’s platform of anti cyber bullying should start at home. 

Mr. Mueller, please hurry. 

3 thoughts on “Civil War II

  1. Praying for our nation. I am convinced that God is in control. He puts down one and sets up another for purposes that are known only to him. He has used evil leaders and righteous leaders for his purposes. So, even though I don’t believe that Trump is qualified to be in office, I believe God will and is working out his purposes. I personally don’t believe that Trump will last the full term, but I could be wrong.

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