Healthcare: “We Aren’t Stupid” 

Like a child commenting on a bedtime story, Donald Trump said the Republican Healthcare bill is “mean.” Someone must have finally read it to him. However “mean” it may be, Trump will not attempt change it; he only wants his comment to be on record so he can play both sides of the fence. He wants this bill to pass because his goal as POTUS 45 is to undo everything POTUS 44 did… and to profit bigly along the way. 

This bill is, as everyone knows by now, being crafted behind closed doors by 13 Republican Senators, all men. No one else knows what’s in it. It will be career ending legislation for many of them, as it will be for members of the house who voted yes to pass the first version of the bill, and as it will be for those Republican Senators who vote to yes to pass this version of it. None of them seem to care. 

Clearly they have other sources of income that compensate them far better than their jobs in public service. Those other sources of income might be provided by the winners in this deal: insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and the 1% of the population who will get a tax break equal to more than many Americans make in an entire year, but it’s chump change to them. 

I listened to the Senate Democrats yesterday as they argued valid points, such as this bill needs to be treated like all other bills, with input from both sides and debated. Mitch McConnell was there to object to every single request, from our veterans right to guaranteed healthcare, to no lifetime caps on coverage. McConnell wants this version of the bill passed before the 4th of July holiday… before the details of it can be leaked to the public.

When a senior GOP senate aide was asked why the bill wasn’t made public, he responded— “we aren’t stupid.” Democrats were kind in their interpretation of that admission. Many saying those 13 men were not sharing the information because they are “embarrassed.” I disagree. To be embarrassed you have to be capable of feeling shame, and these thirteen men have no shame,  nor does anyone in the GOP.

The losers in this deal are the millions of Americans who will be denied coverage, and those who will be priced out of the market, choosing to eat rather than pay the outrageous cost of medication and bad insurance. Republicans will have blood on their hands. 

Americans pay more than any other country for healthcare and medication because of corporate and political greed. Find a way to fix that, and you’ve solved our healthcare crisis. Healthcare coverage for all is not an insurmountable feat. The French, Australians, Brits, Canadians, among others, have conquered healthcare. What makes America different is the ever persisting greed that is permitted here, and it is what drives all of this.  

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Call your Senators to voice your concerns:


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3 thoughts on “Healthcare: “We Aren’t Stupid” 

  1. Did you hear what John McCain said? “No one has seen it. But the Russians have probably hacked in and seen it.” Please Trump. Yes, do tweet some nonsense about that.

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