13 Super Secret Senators and a Healthcare Heist 

These thirteen Republican Senators have a secret…and on June 30, 2017, the Senate will vote on what will change the lives of millions Americans. What exactly it is, only these 13 are privy to…and yes they are all men. 

Mitch McConnell says there will be no hearings on the healthcare bill he plans to push through. No need for America to see the details, because he wants this passed, and the only way to pull off this great American healthcare heist, right under our noses, is in secrecy. 

This sounds like a joke, but it’s not. This is how the GOP does business. 

We do know the plan gives the wealthiest Americans a $663 billion tax cut, in exchange for the healthcare of 24 million Americans. This is no doubt the same plan, presented twice and rejected, but it will be re-gifted a third time in a new box with new ribbon. Don’t open it until it’s passed…they don’t want to spoil the surprise. One more thing, there are no returns or exchanges. 

We know who will benefit:

  • $145 billion tax cut for health insurance providers 
  • $28 billion tax breaks for pharmaceutical companies 
  • $663 billion in tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans

Because they won’t share anymore details, all we can do is assume the package is like the last two: any preexisting condition will be a reason for denial of coverage, older Americas will pay much more for insurance, Medicaid cut $834 billion . . .

When former President Obama was trying to push through the AHA, it went through an eighteen month committee process in the House and Senate, and then the bill was open for a month of debate in public hearings. During those debates alterations to the bill were proposed, by both democrats and republicans, and many of those proposals effectively changed the outcome of the package. 

The GOP is not extending democrats the same courtesy they received. 
Call your Senators and tell them the secrecy of this healthcare bill is unacceptable. Americans have a right to know where tax dollars are spent, and whether or not their representatives deserve their future votes. 


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6 thoughts on “13 Super Secret Senators and a Healthcare Heist 

  1. How can it happen without the people’s vote on such a major change for Americans? What am I missing here…does it mean that the voted in party has the ultimate right to vote on something that doesn’t benefit all their voters with no comeback ( Isn’t that a dictatorship?} Where did it go wrong?… Who can stand up for the people who will lose out? The old, the poor, who sorts them out if it goes through? Do they just die with no help and it’s shrugged off as a statistic? Surely there be will blood on the Republican’s hands? I’m just an ignorant ex-pat Brit when it comes to the politics today in USA, but… it doesn’t seem right in my small world…

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    1. I don’t understand it myself. The country has been taken over by caricatures of corrupt politicians. Our only hope is in electing compassionate ethical people, (there are a few in politics), but it would also seem Putin has control of our election process. Until that changes our democracy is in a free fall.

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