Gianforte—Because Trump Wasn’t Enough for Montana

It would seem Donald Trump and Montana Congressman-Elect Greg Gianforte have more in common than their membership in the billionaire politician and reporter hating club. (not a real club) Montana Congressman-Elect Republican Greg Gianforte who famously assaulted a reporter this week, but was still elected to office by the good people of Montana, was just reported to the FBI for his financial ties to US-sanctioned Russian companies. 

More fun facts about Gianforte:

  • Mr. Gianforte supports discrimination of all kinds
  • Including against students with disabilities  
  • He supports a Foundation which will take money from public schools, giving it to unaccountable private schools.
  • He does not support women’s reproductive rights. 
  • He outsources jobs in his own private business, hiring workers using the HB-1 visa program. 
  • He has ties to white supremacy. Gianforte has donated to the campaigns of white nationalist Taylor Rose, and Robert Saunders, who has a history of anti-black racist views. Gianforte is also linked to Idaho preacher Douglas Wilson, who wrote: “black family has never been stronger than it was under slavery”
  • He has ties to ISIS—owns $47,066 in shares of LaFargeHolcum, a company operating a factory in Kobane Syria, paying local armed groups to secure the factory—payment that (according to French news) may have ended up in the hands of ISIS

And the big finish…

  • Congressional candidate Greg Gianforte owns shares in Russian index funds

Nice job Montana, because Trump wasn’t bad enough. 

*This hatred of the press harbored by corrupt politicians is founded on the real fear that the press has the power to destroy them by infusing truth into political rhetoric.


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