Enough Traveling for Trump 

It’s not difficult to surmise Donald Trump’s first foreign trip was another attempt to distract the public from the ongoing Russia/Trump investigation. Regardless of his many attempts to obstruct the investigation it has picked up considerable steam since his firing of FBI Director James Comey on May 09. Sorry, the trip didn’t change that.Trump’s trip abroad has had an impact of a different kind. He has proven himself as a bigger embarrassment to the United States abroad than he is at home. His behavior takes the “Ugly American” stereotype up a notch. His arrogance, his ignorance, his overly agressive handshakes, his inappropriate grins confirm what people around the world already knew, Trump is a buffoon. 

The trip was well documented: FLOTUS swiping away Trump’s hand…twice, his stupidity regarding the Middle East, Ivanka and Jared booed by a crowd in Rome, Anti-Trump Protests in Brussels. 

One particular incident caught on tape stands apart from the rest. When NATO leaders were taking a tour of the Alliance’s new headquarters, Trump shoved aside the Prime Minister of Montenegro to take a spot front and center. 

What the hell was that? Did Trump single out Prime Minister Dusko Markovic of Montenegro as a nod to Vladimir Putin? Montenegro is the 29th country to join the NATO alliance, and this was their first summit. Putin wasn’t pleased. He had gone so far as to plot an assassination of the previous prime minister in order to keep Montenegro from joining NATO. He had further plans to hand pick the replacement with someone he could control. Russia of course denies these allegations. 

Trump bullying Markovic was another blatant display of his loyalty to Putin, who would love to see the dissolution of NATO and the strength numbers it provides to it’s members. 

If Trump isn’t planning to seek asylum in order to avoid impeachment, then it’s time for him to come home so the process can begin. 

3 thoughts on “Enough Traveling for Trump 

  1. Buffoon is an excellent description for the Orange one. I have become an avid reader of multiple press reports since he became President, watching aghast as he careers his way onwards. Not a statesman worthy of the USA !

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