Which is Worse, Obamacare or The Affordable Care Act?

I am concerned about the future…not the fact that we are witnessing events that could lead to the third and possibly the last World War, but something else concerns me.

Healthcare and Medicare, (which Paul Ryan is itching to dismantle), and threats to Social Security concern me. Pardon me for pointing this out, but that Social Security is MY money and I will want it back if I am ever able to retire; I have been paying into it since the age of sixteen. Regardless of what some politicians would have you believe, Social Security is fully funded until 2034, and after that it is about three-quarters financed. It should be there when I retire, but it may not be if smoke and mirrors tiny sticky fingers Trump goes anywhere near it. 

I will tell you what the problem is with healthcare and insurance costs. The problem is not the “Affordable Care Act”; the problem is corporate greed. Pharmaceutical companies who grease the palms of unethical politicians, who in turn look the other way as Americans are charged 5% to 198% more than people in other countries are charged for the same drugs. Lobbyists and politicians are to blame, and as with everything else the middle class pays the price. 

We don’t take care of our people in this country and that is shameful. My own mother who worked her entire life, is forced to decide which prescribed medications she will forego, and which pills she’ll break in half because prescription costs, even with Medicare are out of her Social Security retirement budget. That is beyond unethical for the worlds wealthiest nation. What will she do without Medicare and Social Security? Will anyone be in a position to retire without Medicare and Social Security? If no one retires, there will be no jobs for young people entering the workforce, and then no one wins…except the wealthiest 1% who always win.

There is also a huge disparity in the cost of medical services in the US vs other countries. I can tell you the reason for that too. In addition to the same reasons US drug prices are out of control, insurance premiums doctors and hospitals pay to protect themselves from malpractice lawsuits have to be offset somewhere…I’ll pay! Just take the difference out of my health care costs.

Someone recently told me that the Affordable Care Act and Obamacare are two different things, and “Obamacare” is the problem. Wow. I completely misunderstood. I thought “Obamacare” was the name angry Republican politicians gave the “Affordable Care Act” as a little dig to denigrate it in an attempt to cloud the opinions of anyone who might have been inclined to believe for example that preexisting conditions should not exempt a person from having health insurance. If they call the “Afordable Care Act”—”Obamacare” people who don’t like the President or his socialistic ideologies might forget the benefitsoffered in the “Affordable Care Act….

Imagine yourself standing in a party buffet line about choose what looks and smells like heaven. You slide the spatula under a slice to put it on your plate and someone whispers in your ear: “That’s the meatloaf Jack the Ripper brought.” Now you don’t want it. Bastard!

Because I am not one to accept a fact without checking its validity, I researched “Obamacare” and the “Affordable Care Act.” My research confused me even more. There are several different polls asking Americans how they feel about “Obamacare” and how they feel about the “Affordable Care Act”. It turns out 46% of Americans oppose “Obamacare,” and of those same people only 37% oppose the “Affordable Care Act.” 

Guess what?  THEY ARE THE SAME THING. To this I say: Wake up people! This is your money, your healthcare, your country and mine and we are being manipulated out of what little we have.

Pay no attention to the orange man behind the curtain. In this day of smart phones it takes seconds to get facts. Check more than one source, and be smart about what you accept as truth. We—the middle class—are the majority, but too many of us are only willing to believe the loudest voice, regardless of the words spoken. Do some research before you let your opinions take root. We are our own worst enemies. We turn this around and use the power in our numbers to advocate for our collective selves if we understand what we are fighting for.


December 28, 2016

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8 thoughts on “Which is Worse, Obamacare or The Affordable Care Act?

  1. The thing about the affordable care act is that it doesn’t really provide affordable CARE. Only affordable premiums for insurance policies that deliver less care. It’s a step the direction toward providing care for everyone, from the alternately employed entrepreneurs and part-timers cobbling their income together, to the conventionally employed whose employers cover part, or all, of their insurance cost.

    People don’t seem to understand the difference between paying a premium in exchange for the promise of benefits which may or may not be needed, and an investment account. Social Security and Medicare are benefits due lifelong premium payers.

    I’d like to see the fuss the insurance companies would make at the prospect of having their services dismantled. Oh, wait! I did when Universal Coverage was taken off the negotiating table.

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    1. Costs are out of control and benefits have never been worse…I have what is considered good coverage through my employer, yet I pay higher premiums and I have never paid more out of pocket than I have this year. None of these costs are real. An acne medication my son was prescribed with my insurance was $200. – of course I didn’t take it. My point is I would guess the profit margin is around $195. Out of the $200. besides what the insurance company is paying. It’s all lobbyists and politicians. But how will it change when no one questions the cost?

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  2. Reacting to superficial slogans is probably what got your country in the fix it’s facing now. That average people – voters? – don’t know Affordable Care and Obamacare are one and the same is scary. Here in Europe we get basic healthcare for all, and I can confirm that I was horrified by the price when I had to buy a simple antibiotic in the USA. Unacceptably expensive, and you’ve explained why.

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