Recurring Electoral Disparity

I was hoping I'd be surprised and have nothing to say today. Instead it seems I have four years of material ahead of me. One person, one vote...what a concept.  As of 12:02 PM ET 11/9/2016: Hillary Clinton has 59,459,229 votes = 218 electoral votes Donald Trump has 59,267,341 votes= 276 electoral votes What does … Continue reading Recurring Electoral Disparity

A Gift to Share

There was a girl named Melody Who couldn't hold a tune Lessons practice trying hard Loud belt or quiet croon Her mother father sister sang Quite beautifully it seemed As if she wasn't meant to be In this family so esteemed One day her family harmonized Miss Melody deferred She sat and doodled on a … Continue reading A Gift to Share


'Twas a mistake  In my youth  To think there were limits to what I could do My head aches Knowing the truth I might've done anything I'd put my mind to In recompense For the lost years I'm busy as ever— positively Life has commenced Without the fears I am resourceful effective and free __________________________ … Continue reading Better

Why Do You Blog?

Friends and co-workers will on occasion ask me about this: How often do you post?  How do you find the time? Most often the question is: Why do you blog? I would love to say this is how I pay my mortgage, but that would be a lie. I make the time to write every … Continue reading Why Do You Blog?