No More Politics 

I am sick. I can’t bear to read the latest presidential election polls, or the reasons for the ever fluctuating numbers. Rather than turn today’s prompt into an anti-Trump tirade, as has been my recent trend, I will take the prompt at face value. Today’s prompt is the word “copycat”.

Intrigued by the literal meaning of the word I decided to search the depths of google for any insight into its origin. According to the word copycat is an Americanism which dates back to approximately 1895. But why does it hold the meaning assigned to it? 

I have known a few cats in my lifetime, and as far as I know none of them ever made copies. “Copycat” does have a catchy sound, but I like the sound of copycoyote better…so why cat?After minutes of extensive research, I surmise that calling someone a cat has been considered a huge insult since medieval times…not in the way Donald Trump insults when he uses a form of the word to refer to female genitalia— which he is entitled to grab because he is a star, but because cats were associated with evil and mischief. Calling someone a copycat is akin to accusing them of duplicating something bad. Kind of like Donald Trump and all the dictators throughout history.

This concludes my non-political post about the word copycat.
November 1, 2016, Daily Prompt: Copycat~ 

<a href=””>Copycat</a&gt;

5 thoughts on “No More Politics 

      1. I just lost five old friends in one fell sweep today. Get this, I posted exactly what Donald Trump said in regard to grabbing a woman’s pussy, and they said they couldn’t condone that language and unfriended me on FB. Except it’s ok for their candidate to use that word. This mess is making me crazy. 😜

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