Lunch With Thing Two

I promise today I will refrain from political blathering and return to my bitter divorced mom of three not so wee spawn posts. Traveling for work, today I visited my middle child in New York. I brought her three things she had requested from home: 

  • Her guitar with a broken string, 
  • Several packages of tea, because they don’t sell tea in New York, 
  • A single postage stamp, because where would you find one of those in this podunk town? 

Not having seen Thing Two since I left her a month ago, we had a lot of catching up to do. We walked and talked and then had a lovely lunch consisting of falafel, baba ganoush, hummus, and baklava at Falafel King…or McFalafel, I can’t remember.  

We discussed what you would expect: classes, teachers, her new job as a dog walker, caffeine, dorm life, prejudices against clowns, navigating Manhattan, the fact that statistically, the worst neighborhood in Brooklyn is safer than the best neighborhood in Chicago (sad), and finally, we discussed the postage stamp she requested…so that she could mail her absentee ballot.

I lied, but truth is superfluous where politics are concerned. Politics and parenting converged today as my child and I discussed the understandably angry women demonstrating in front of Trump Tower, and the fact that there has been a steady stream of protests in front of that building for months. We discussed the second debate in detail. My daughter’s comment: “How can Hillary stay so calm? I was so angry I was yelling at the screen!” 

Well, in MY humble opinion, calm is Ms Clinton’s strategy, and it’s working well. Allow Trump to talk until his fragile composure slips away and he spews endless tweetable nonsense. Hillary isn’t taking the bait. She doesn’t have to do anything but stay calm and watch Donald Trump self destruct…

When is the next debate?

October 12, 2016, Daily Prompt: Promises~ <a href=””>Promises</a&gt;

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