Nine Things You Can Do to Make Your Life Stress Free

I can work myself into a panic over anything that veers off my normal routine. The unfamiliar ignites over thinking which can turn something simple into mental hijacking. 

My clumsy attempt to navigate public transportation from lower Manhattan to Laguardia airport should have been easy yesterday. I’ve done it before, but it’s been a while. I was distracted when I got on the train, and I was sleep deprived. Self doubt took over. Was I going in the right direction? I don’t remember the stop being this far. Am I on an express train to Canada? 

Anxiety born beads of perspiration slid down my spine allowing me to backstroke through the mass of humanity toward a map near the ceiling of the subway car. The numbers- I ascertained were going up. When the train finally made a stop I jumped off. I should have stayed on.  

This second guessing myself continued through the second train ride when I decided to follow a man in a TSA uniform. I thought I could relax, because where else would he be going than Laguardia Airport? (Kennedy Airport or Newark perhaps) When he got off at the wrong stop…for me, disappointment in my navigational skills resurfaced, but I convinced myself to stay the course. 

Moving on to the bus stop, I waited, second guessed myself, and moved on to try standing at all four corners. When the bus I wanted stoped at the original corner and left without me, I was livid- at myself. Believe it or not I somehow made it to the airport early, and regardless of the years the voyage took off my life, I completed it at a cost of $2.75. Cheap had been the goal…I am paying for two kids in college.

What can I do to reduce the level of stress that so often has me by the throat? After much contemplation, I have formulated a plan for stress free living, and because I am a humanitarian I would like to share it with you.

9 ways to reduce stress:

  1. Do not read or listen to anything political. That means no twitter, no news, no Facebook, no break time conversations, and I give you a pass on reading my political posts if you have a note from your doctor…but please continue to read my other posts.
  2. Moving on- Do not look out the window, because ignorance is bliss. I don’t want to see a lawn that needs mowing, leaves that need to be bagged, or my biggest nightmare…snow that needs to be shoveled. Keep the shades drawn.
  3. I will not bring the mail in: bills, notices, report-cards…leave it where it is. 
  4. I will avoid all mirrors. I remember what I looked like twenty years ago, and I can pretend nothing has changed. Sometimes delusional thinking is happy thinking. 
  5. Do not look under the sink. I know something is leaking, but can’t afford a plumber…fuhgeddaboudit.
  6. Walk. When unsure about public transportation, or a car warning light illuminates, licence plates renewal slips your mind, gas tank level is low…leave the car in the garage and the Metra card in the wallet.
  7. Speak a foreign language…or pretend to. Forget English for a day…see what you can get away with. 
  8. Earplugs…always.
  9. Need some time off work? Two words: elective surgery. Do you perhaps have a bunion, fibrous mass or third nipple you can have taken care of? What are you waiting for? Relax and enjoy the meds. 

Good luck.


October 13, 2016, Daily Prompt: Clumsy~ <a href=””>Clumsy</a&gt;

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