Debate 2 – Or the Cubs?

I understand the first Clinton/Trump debate was the most watched presidential debate ever, with a record 84 million viewers. The numbers for Sunday’s second debate dropped down to 63 million. 

At work yesterday I realized something. Many people elected to watch a baseball game rather than the second tremendous uge disaster of a presidential debate. I thought everyone was right there with me on the edge of my seat, with beads of perspiration that trickled down my back blazing a trail more effective than Trumps trickle down economic plan ever could…but no one I encountered yesterday tortured themselves with the full 90 minutes, and many didn’t watch at all. 

People who I spoke to yesterday wanted to talk baseball. I guess the Cubs are doing something, but I am not a fan. It is my warped opinion that there are possibly a dozen (baseball, football, etc.), games on film and the uniform colors are regularly digitally altered to present an illusion of different teams playing new games. I think you people have been watching the same game for decades. This is my conspiracy theory (not really), and the reason I refuse to waste my time watching spectator sports. Were the Packers, Giants, Cubs, and etc., the reason the debate viewership was down, or are people decided and or disgusted with the presidential election?

I had been looking forward to the debate for several days, half afraid Trump would drop out siting the collusion of moderators, democrats, and now even republicans, to make him look like himself. I felt strangely nervous as the debate started. I was nervous not for Ms Clinton, because she is if nothing else, an excellent debater. I was nervous because Donald Trump scares the hell out of me.

For those of you who did not tune in to the Debate, I’ll sum it up.

  • Clinton and Trump did not shake hands.
  • The inevitable question regarding the recently released tape in which Trump bragged about sexualy assaulting women was answered with the same unapologetic apology he gave when the tape was initially released— “locker room talk” “No one respects women more than me.” (How sad for the women of the world.) 
  • Trump then changed the subject, moving on to her on the email controversy (which was investigated by a republican  FBI director who said she did nothing illegal).
  • Then he called her the devil and threatened to have her thrown in prison when he wins. (Buh bye democracy, hello dictatorship.)
  • When it was Ms Clintons turn to speak, Mr Trump followed her around the stage fast on her heels, looming, her shadow of death through a dark alley, threatening, unrelenting, ’twas not a microphone in hand, but a sickle he would use to make her stop concisely cataloging facts that acted as a chain of garlic around her neck protecting her from him.
  • He interrupted repeatedly with a raised voice, and spoke over her.
  • He admitted to not paying taxes for possibly twenty years, but blamed “HER” for making it possible. (Of course it’s her fault he is unethical…and probably somehow her fault that he has 3500 legal actions pending against him as well.)
  • He quoted people like Bernie Sanders, implying that Bernie and he are like minded about Hillary. (They are not.)
  • He falsely claimed that none of the richest men in the US pay taxes…specifically naming Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, both of whom have regularly paid their share of taxes and denounced Trump.
  • He had Bill Clintons female accusers from decades ago seated in the audience and pointed them out when his own non-consensual pu**y grabbing habits were questioned.
  • He made rambling incoherent statements that made me shake my head and hit rewind several times. 
  • Trump did not answer a single question, but made random statements, and exceeded his allotted time to do so.

That Hillary was able to respond demonstrated great patience on her part. She held strong regardless of his attempts to physically intimidate her (like a schoolyard bully).

 I’m stopping here because I want to point out that this goes beyond US. People from around the world have their eyes on this election for various reasons. Trump is an embarrassment to be sure, but more than that he is a threat to world peace, and the economy. How we vote will impact the safety and security of the world. So think hard, and then vote.

I forgot to ask…did the Cubs win?

* This is not a political blog, but a divorced mother of teens working for the man blog that has temporarily veered off course. 

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4 thoughts on “Debate 2 – Or the Cubs?

  1. Spot on, Lydia. You noticed the very same thing as I did: when they came onstage and did not shake hands, that really did–pardon the pun–set the stage for the night. Stalking her, talking over her, OMG–Trump is freakin’ nuts. This is what his kids grew up with so I am guessing they are OK with it…..? ‘Locker room talk’ is going to be my new excuse for anything I might say–ever. See you at the next debate.

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